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Top 5 news Pakistan stock market in this week

Top Five News that will affect the Stock Market next week

PSX recorded another robust rally on Friday. The KSE-100 index closed at 49,364.83 adding 351.10 points to the stocks.  The market remained volatile with rise and fall in the most of the individual stocks.  But still, it didn’t stop the investors to push back the bull and the market continues to soar.

What is the top five news for the coming week?

Will Donald Trump inauguration affect the stock market?

Pakistan remained a close partner with the USA against terrorism. Due to geographical importance, Pakistan is still the front line partner with the USA. Question is, will Donald Trump build friendly relations with Pakistan? Donald Trump selection was a surprise but his speech was not! He wants to build friendly relations with all the nations trading with the USA.

Foreign investors are showing continued support for Pakistan market. If the USA will build friendly relations with Pakistan, it will boost the confidence of the local as well as the international investors.

Arif Habib Group to Invest in New cement plant

Arif Habib Group is the one of the largest private group in Pakistan. According to the recent news, the company will invest Rs 25b in a cement plant which will be completed in next two years. This plant will take the power cement capacity to the new level. The company will be able to produce 3.37 million tons of cement from its current capacity of just .9 million tons.

The Arif Habib share price is currently trading at the price of Rs.89.79. In the one years, the company share price increased by 46.50%. The group is on the urge to increase its production capacity in the cement sector. This news will boost the investors to buy Arif Habib shares.

Will the countervailing duty imposed on Indian cotton help the local industry?

On Wednesday this week, the National Tariff Commission imposed import duty on the Indian fine cotton yarn. The duty will be imposed on the 55.5 or more counts.

How will this decision impact the local industry?  This duty was imposed after the complaint lodged by all the Pakistan Textile Mills Association that the Indian cotton was hurting the demand for the local cotton.  This decision will increase the much- needed sales of the textile industry. The investors can buy or hold their positions in the share of Crescent Cotton, Colony Textile Mills, and Reliance cotton.


Should investors buy the share of Pakistan Petroleum Limited?

Recently, Pakistan Petroleum Limited has announced a net profit of Rs 16.06 billion, year ended June 30, 2016.  According to the news, a scam has been reported against the company. It is very much in the news these days that PPL has purchased a UK company at double the market value. Whether this news fake or real it will hurt the reputation of the company.

On the other side, the analysts are forecasting positive change in the share price of the PPL.  The investors can hold their position but they need to look closely what’s happening in PPL.

Will Pakistan Steel Mill soon privatized?

Steel sector of Pakistan was the highest gainer in the stock market this week.  Mughal Steel, International Steel Limited, and the Aisha Steel Mills closed at the upper circuit.

Although PSM share price closed at 2.65 Pc rise in the share price but still the privatization Commission approves the leasing of the PSM. This news will create uncertainty for the investors of the PSM. It’s time for the other steel mills to take full advantage of this uncertainty.

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