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Top 5 news affecting the Pakistan stock market

Share price up so does the demand of the Suzuki Wagon R

Pakistan Suzuki announced profit decline in their September 30-2016 financial report, but since then country’s largest car manufacturers hasn’t look back. The company share price jumped to Rs 535.50 to 627.00 in just one month of  Dec2016.

Certainly, a good time to invest in the Pak Suzuki motors as company latest model Wagon R demand picking up the pace. The sale increased by 84% with the sale of 6,183 units as compared to the 3,362 units in the same period last year.


Panama Case takes the central stage

The hearing started at Wednesday when Justice Asif Saeed Khosa seeks timeline of the public offices held by the Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif during his entire political career. The supreme court of Pakistan will hold Panamgate hearings on the daily basis.

Adding more frustration to the PM Nawaz government ranks, the Justice remarked that the PM Nawaz didn’t give enough evidence regarding investment details from the Qatar. The investors are not missing any news related to Panama case, keeping a close eye on every single development made on this hot topic!


What’s new in National Refinery Limited?

Good news for the shareholders of National Refinery Limited (NRL), which is possessed by the Attock Group. According to recent news, the company has cut its term finance facility from Rs 24.2 billion to Rs 12.1 billion. The company secretary informed a notification has sent to the Pakistan Stock Exchange. Moreover, the company is upgrading its diesel Hydro and auxiliary units to produce a better quality diesel, this project will enhance the production capability by 192,000 tons per year.

What will be the impact?  The company is on the urge of expanding its project and cutting dependence on the bank loans. This will bring more profitability and ultimately more earning to the shareholders.


Why is Dost Steel share price increasing?

Dost steel, which is country’s leading steel manufacturers. The company share price increased by 30% in the last two weeks.  The share price closed at Rs 13.29 at 03 January-2017, increased by 1.3% as compared to the last day closing price.

How will this news impact the market?  The analyst is predicting strong steel demand in the coming years. The reason is the strong growth of the construction industry and the mega infrastructure projects at China –PAK Economic corridor. All these macroeconomic indicators are positive sign for the Dost steel. According to the company website, the company is eyeing on the projects under CPEC.


Sugar prices continue to rise

Good time to invest in the sugar sector. The sugar cane price began to rise in the month of November 2016, which was Rs 57 kilogram. Since then the rate jumped to Rs 62 kilogram

How these prices increased and how it will impact the stock market?  According to the recent news, the Government of Pakistan has allowed the export of the surplus stock worth Rs 1.23 million. This decision will increase the profit of the sugar manufacturer. The manufacturers will hold the stock to get better prices.  So, the investors should keep an eye on the share price of the JDW , Thatta, and Thandlianwala  sugar mills in the coming week.

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