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Top 5 most useful social trading tools on Etoro

etoro-logoEtoro is one of the most innovative online social trading platforms in the world.It offers effective and more importantly easy to use social trading tools for its users.Its wide variety of tools make it easy for the investors to search for investment opportunities according to their comfort and financial strength. Following are the most effective tools offered by the Etoro.


Etoro Copytrader is an amazing investing tool for the traders who want to follow the moves of the successful investors on the website.You just have  to search for your favorite investor and then set an allocation amount.After setting an allocation amount you have to click the copy button to copy the trades of your selected trader.

Copytrader is an automatic tool which helps the user to copy every trading move of the selected investor such as opening new trades,closing positions and managing stops.You have full control of funds while managing your trade through this tool.

People Discovery tool

People discovery tool is a very effective search tool for the traders.Social traders can easily search and track down appropriate investors according to their investing needs.This tool provides different lists of the most popular and successful investors on the Etoro.By using this list everyone can search for most effective traders on the website.

People discovery tool can be used to search for the investors according to the investing options used by the investors.For example : We can easily search for the investors who have invested in commodities,stock etc.Other than we can also carry out our search by using different metrics such as risk %,activity %,performance % and gain % etc.

Economic calender

Economic calender provides updated news announcements about upcoming data events .It also helps us to predict the affect of these announcements on our trading strategy.Traders can easily plan their trading strategy according to these events.By using this useful tool we can easily adjust our investing strategies according to expected changes due to the upcoming events in the economic calendar.

Economic calender provides updated news announcements about the upcomi9ng data events from all over the world.So we can say that this tool keeps users fully updated about all the relevant events.

Market news

Market news is another very useful tool offered by the Etoro trading platform.It aids traders to formulate an effective trading strategy for their portfolio.This tool provides investment and economy related news from all over the world.It helps users to get a clear insight about the overall investment climate.This tool gathers these investment and economy related news from different types of popular finance related portals such as (www.investing.com). These portals have millions of monthly visitors and they always have updated news about the international markets.

Pips Calculator

Pips calculator is a very innovative investing tool specially designed by the Etoro for the Forex investors.This tool helps them to calculate changes taken place in their invested currency in case of up-down movements in the Forex market.Forex traders just have to select  their trade size and they will get the desired results about their invested currency.This amazing tool saves traders from long calculations and lots of hassle.



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