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Top 5 most lucrative online jobs for Educated housewives


work-at-home-jobs-in-india-300x199Nowadays in the age of depression and recession,everyone is worried about his/her earning capacity and educated  housewives are no different.They need a reasonable earning source to support their male partners. This article will be very helpful for the educated housewives to discover some profitable online earning ventures they can work into.

  1. Blogging

When it comes to earn through online jobs, then blogging is one profitable option to go with. There are two ways to earn through blogging like writing your personal blogs or writing for the companies. You have the liberty to choose the topic of your own interest, if you are writing a blog for your personal site. But if you are being hired by a company then you have to write according to their instructions for example writing for a product or method. This job is a good opportunity to help your message reach people. Creative, informative and entertaining blogs can be catchy enough for the readers to help you earn good amount.

  1. Affiliate marketing

This job is all about promoting and getting commission as a reward. In simple words you have to resell others product and get a commission. There are loads of products out there which need promotion. Clickbank.com is one of the platforms from where you can get several different products which need promotion. The other way is through your blogs, write articles and reviews about the product to be promoted then recommend your blog readers. A few examples of sites from where you can do this job are LinkShare, Commission Junction and ShareASale.

  1. Online auctions and sales

There are some products which are not so common household products, which can be a good way of earning for you by selling them on online auction and sales site while sitting in your home. eBay.com and Amazon.com are helpful sites to reach your goal of earning ample amount of money.

  1. Travel agent

Majority of the travel linked transactions take place online. It is one of the good options to earn as it’s a lucrative online job. For this job it is important for the person to understand the travel industry well. You need to be efficient and knowledgeable about different ways of booking a travel which allows good saving for your travelers.

  1. Online teaching

Majority of the women love to teach, it’s by nature. Delivering lectures of different subjects online is one of the good options for the housewives. All you need is to be educated or in other words having a good degree in hands. There are some educational institutions who accept the online lecturing to the students and if you hold a good degree from a known university then it’s a plus point. This is because it will help you being hired without wastage of time and effort. Having a good internet connection would also be a priority. Moreover there are some online academies as well which appoint such lecturers. Examples of some such sites are WizIQ.com, Much Enough.com and Learningfy.com.

These are the 5 different ways or you can say 5 different opportunities for the educated housewives who want a profitable online earning job . All these jobs act as a good opportunity for the educated housewives who are planning to improve their online earnings, rather than wasting their precious time in office and overlooking their houses.



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