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Blogging is really getting popular these days , and bloggers are earning handsome bucks from their respective blogs. It’s expected that the whole media will be transformed into blogs one day. Blogging has a very important role in educating, polishing and nurturing internet users of all ages. When people want to read about the experiences of people or conversational style reports on the topic of their interest, social media blogs are in their easy access. With many contributors the blogs have variety and a very light touch of reporting.Following is the list of  top 5 most influential social media blogs:

 Moz-logo1.       www.Moz.com

Since Moz started back in 2004, it has progressed a lot in last few years. It was a SEO consulting company at first, but in 2007, it launched the first Pro app. Now it has surpassed others and gives excellent SEO consultancy to beginners. Its consultancy includes developing Social Media Marketing Strategies, step by step search optimized content and advices on how SEO will help boosting up your business. The blog targets SEO learners and business owners. On Alexa the blog is ranked on the number 270 with 25000000 visitors per month. With a widespread approach of Facebook marketing the blogs are posted on their Facebook page.

logo_inc 2.       www.Inc.com

Inc. is a blog that gives you everything you want on businesses. This starts from giving people business ideas, information about entrepreneurship, Social Media Marketing and what are the common mistakes people do in their business careers.  This blog is best for the people with ideas and a passion to pursue their business as it also gives advice to those people. Inc.com has Alexa rank of 1331 with traffic of 8000000 visitors per month. The popularity of the blog is much on the content generated by it, which is worth reading.

social3.       www.Socialmediatoday.com

Social Media Today is a free, and independent blog for specialized professionals in, marketing, PR, advertising, or others who use social media as a tool. This blog provides information about the new advancements in the world of social media, and how they are revolutionizing the world.   The contributors of the blog are the members whose stuff gets approved. The blog targets technology freaks and others who want to remain updated about the social media advancements and marketing. The Alexa rank of the blog is 1731 with Traffic of 7800000 visitors per month taking the blog to be on the top of the list, when it comes to influential blogs.

Marketo-Logo-Large4.       www.Marketo.com

When it comes to marketing, Marketo is the choice of many for advice and ideas. The blog allows you to take a full advantage of its content, helping you through your questions. It advices what things to look at and which tools to focus related to social media. Business students can learn a lot from the site and can share the content too. This blog has an Alexa Rank of 3421 and traffic of 1500000 visitors per month.

allfacebook 5.       www.Allfacebook.com

As the name indicates, all facebook is an unofficial blog for facebook that targets social media users. The blog is linked to Facebook, so you can post your comments and queries via your facebook account. The popularity of the blog is its exiting posts, like news about social media websites and what is in trend over there. All Facebook.com has a 9436 Alexa rank and 2000000 per month status of traffic.


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