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Top 5 most infleuential American Blogs

techcrunchlogo-500x237-300x142 This is the age of blogging where blogging has culminated into a unique and separate entity. It has never been bigger and more popular. The remarkable thing about blogs is their influence and long lasting impact on the readers. Blogs can make you and ruin you at the same time. They can help elect a president and can simultaneously   play a vital role in his downfall too. Along with this serious side of blogging ; gossips and obsessing over peccadillos is also characteristic of blogs. Hereby I will expose you to the top five most influential American blogs. You will definitely be astounded by the money they make , the number of visitors who log on daily and the wide ranging influence these blogs can claim to their name. After all it is the age of blogging.


Huffington Post served as a point of departure from the traditional pajama blogging. It marked the setting of a tradition , effectively dividing political blogging into two eras , precisely pre Huffington and post Huffington. Although the original bloggerati , who operated like an underdog , making snide remarks from the comfort of his bed , late at night ; was pissed off by Arianna’s liberal blog and the wide spread popularity that it was rampantly receiving ; yet he had to admit that a new pathway for blogging had been established. And now Huffington Post occupies the summit position in the list of the most popular blogs. Approximately the number of visitors that log in every month are 110,000,000. Its compete rank is 21 and its Quant cast rank is 13. Amazed?? Get more amazed by checking out www.huffingtonpost.com.Well there are more wonders in blogging arena that are yet to be revealed with TMZ , which is the next blog in the list of popularity.


TMZ bring you closer to your favorite celebrities with never ending celebrity gossips and tid bits. Just log on and get ready to be swept off your feet with a never ending supply of celebrity leaks , pictures , videos and much more. It was launched in 2005 by AOL. To satiate the readers’ appetite for celeb news , it employs almost 20 writers. It somehow catches on the celeb breaking news before anyone else gets the chance to , and enables the readers to munch on every single bit of juicy gossip. For instance it claims the honor of bringing forth Alec Baldwin’s infamous ‘ rude little pig ‘ voice mail . The estimated monthly visitors are almost 30 , 000,000 . Its compete rank is 166 and Quant cast rank is 55. Check out tmz.com and drown yourself in the over flowing tornado of celeb gossip.


Gawker was founded by journalist Nick Denton in 2002. It makes the reader gawk at it because it is a never ending supply of juicy gossips and snide comments made on the media industry. Gawker started its gossip ride by focusing its entire attention on the Vogue editor Anna Wintour. With time it gained so much popularity that it started making 500,000 views per month . Now it pulls almost 22,000,000 monthly visitors , with a compete rank of 783 and a Quant cast rank of 99. Log on to gawker.com and get ambushed by relentless media gossip.



It was initiated in 2005 and quickly became one of the most reliable and acknowledged news website covering the entire technology industry. Search engine Technorati ranks this blog as the third most popular blog in the world. It has also acquired the honor of conducting interviews with Barack Obama and John Mc Cain. It enables all the tech geeks and ambitious investors out there to have a glimpse of the market. Its popularity can be judged by its monthly views which are almost 15, 000 , 000 in number. Furthermore its compete rank is 1, 229 and Quant cast rank is 435. Want to tap into the tech industry ? Then all you have to do is check out techcrunch.com



Perezhilton is the most notorious celebrity website which is unanimously hated by nearly all celebrities. It was launched in 2005 by Mario Lavandeira. With its snarky gossip and rude comments , it has become a website which is largely evaded by all stars , yet Mario relentlessly continues stalking them. The blog had almost 8m viewers logged on the day of Lindsay Lohan’s arrest ; with Mario giving continuous updates , almost 60 in number. Avril Lavigne called him personally to ask him to put a stop to all the nasty comments made continuously by him, regarding her , her music and her long arms. The statistics scream out its popularity rate themselves. It has almost 14,500,000 monthly visitors with a compete rank of 941 and a Quant cast rank of 251.Check out perezhilton.com and witness the infamous Mario stabbing celebrities with his unsheathed sword of words.

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