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Top 5 most Expensive Adsense blogging niches for earning money online

GoogleAdsense122222The most expensive niches for blogging are those which are widely searched and used by the bloggers. Choosing the most appropriate niche is important because it maximizes the Adsense revenue of bloggers. Today we bring you the list of top 5 most expensive niches for blogging. So you have your options to choose from and earn money online more easily and effortlessly. Here is it.


Heath is a good niche to start off with. It is a very diverse niche and you got lot of topic options in this niche. It is one of the most high paying and profitable niches, as we know that almost everybody wishes to be fit and healthy. You can earn a good amount of RPM through writing in this niche Most of the blogs about health are related to “How to reduce or lose weight” because of the increased obesity in the world, and greater awareness about the side effects of being obese.  Health blogs mainly receive organic search traffic from USA, Europe and Canada resulting to a High CPC up to $25.


Blogging topics like science, technology and innovation are included under this niche. Latest technology trends and happenings in technology are most browsed topics across the world. Readers are attracted by news about new  technologies that appears in the market with promising features.

Earn money online

As more and more time is passing, people are getting aware of the fact that how effective it is to earn money online by sitting at home, and using internet. This niche includes such variety of topics because there is an uncountable number of ways to earn money through the internet. People have dream to earn money by sitting at home. A lot of people search little tips and tricks to become a pro at earning money online because people try to make as many sources of income as they can. This is one of those niches which have a considerably high CPC rate.


Insurance is the one of the most expensive niches, which helps bloggers to earn money online with high rates . This Insurance keyword has a huge competition in the market as it is very difficult to get a higher rank, so advisors tend to bid as high as they can, as a strategy to earn more. Insurance blogs as well as websites enjoy a much high Cost Per Click .The RPM of the keywords related to  insurance niche reach up to 30$+ just for a one click.


Business and Finance are absolutely similar to each other and they are considered some of the  high paying Adsense topics which you can use to have handsome income from Adsense. Finance is a growing industry and it is the most important aspect of our earning. People tend to take help from the internet to sort out their confusions about finance.


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