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Top 5 android apps to earn money online


Google inc bought android in the year 2005. Android is one of the most popular platforms used in smartphones and Tablets.According to the latest statistics,it has more than 1 billion active users.it is popular among both developers,tablet and smartphone users. Android also offers different free apps to earn money online for the android users.These free apps offer different types of games and challenges for the users .These challenges and games are used to earn money online.Following are the 5 most useful money making android apps to earn money.


Ezyshot is a very popular money making android app.It is a different type of social network.It pays money to users when their photos and other updates get noticed and viewed by other users.Its users have to create interesting and attractive updates to get attention of other users.You can withdraw earned money through bank or Paypal account.Users can earn good amount of money.They have to earn coins to earn money online.Users can to earn 200000 coins to earn $ 4000 through this app.


Mobee is a very interesting mystery shopping app.It is a very interesting money making android app.Users can easily earn 10-15 dollars by completing a mission.The mobee app can be easily downloaded from the google play store and account can be created through Facebook or gmail account.After registering for the mobee app,one has to complete missions by answering different types of survey questions. User can claim for reward after getting at least 350 points by completing missions. Mobee is currently available only in United States of America.

Healthy Wage

Healthy wage is another useful money making android app for android users.This app motivates people to improve their health and fitness to earn huge amount of money.This app helps health and fitness loving people to earn money in thousands of dollars.Users have to participate in betting   challenges to earn money online through this money making android app.Its users have to participate regularly in these monthly challenges to earn huge amount of bucks . People can earn from 100 to 1000 in 3-6 month by participating in weight loss and fitness challenges.


Pact android app offers very interesting way of earn money online.Other than earning money online ,its users can easily improve their health and fitness by using this app.Pact pays its users by keeping them active and healthy. They are paid by the people who are not active on the app and they are not reaching their weekly diet and exercise goals.You can earn minimum of $ 2 per week for setting and achieving your diet/exercise goals.People missing their diet and exercise goals have to pay at least $ 5/week.Its penalty system is a very interesting way of keeping people to remain healthy and fit.

Slide Joy

Slide joy is a very useful app to earn money online.This Android app is easily available on the google play store.By using this app any smartphone owner can earn some bucks to pay his/her monthly bills.After installing it on your smartphone ,you start seeing ads on your lock screen. This android app allows user to earn money without interacting with the ad.User has to wait at least 3 months to withdraw the payment and he/she can only withdraw money through the Paypal.

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