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Top 5 Money Making Android Apps

Make-Money-by-Android-AppsSmart phones have made life actually easier as they have a tendency to work the smart way. Owing to this fact android apps have climbed high on the scale of popularity. From games to other user-facilitating apps, it’s all there .All you have to do is to make a visit to your play store. The amazing fact about these Android apps is that they not only facilitate your life, rather they can also help you earn money. No one is likely to say no to some cold, hard cash; especially if earning it is not at all difficult. Many times all you have to do is watch videos, write reviews, make paid surveys etc. However as impure can never leave pure for good; similarly despite the availability of some genuine apps which would enable you to make real money; you can always come across some sham treacherous ones as well. So you have to trod in this arena with a lot of caution and prudence. Following is a list of some of the top apps which will help you to add some extra income to your usual budget.



App Trailers is an app which will make your life increasingly easier as it pays you for watching demos and downloading apps etc. Each of these acts results in points which can be considered analogous to gift coupons. All you have to do is watch the demo, download app and write your comments about it. A lot of money-making options are offered by this app. If you refer it to someone else you will earn 250 points, while the person you referred wouldn’t have to lose anything, as he will also earn 50 points, using your code. The points can later be reimbursed via PayPal, Amazon voucher, Best Buy Voucher etc.



Juno Wallet is also an amazing free app with wonders encompassed inside it. It provides you with many easy money making options like Facebook likes, surveys, downloading apps etc. Each referral will earn you $0.5 while the person to whom you refer will earn $0.25. So none of you has to worry as it is a win-win situation for both the counterparts. You can later use these credits through an Amazon gift card, EBay, Dominos, iTunes etc.



Navizon is next on the list of popularity and utility. It is a paid app. But to entice your interest, its availability is rendered free at the beginning. It is very interesting as it pays for tracking cell towers and Wi-Fi access points. You don’t have to do much. Just download the app and keep your GPS on along with it , and get ready for an income rampage. The app will automatically track all the Wi-Fi access points and cell towers which you will come across. Each cell tower will earn you 15 or 2 points; 15 if you are the first one for getting it tracked and 2 if it had been already tracked formerly. Wi-Fi access points will earn you 3 or 1 points respectively; depending on the same strategy as mentioned above. It also has a referral system and you can redeem your points as soon as you reach 10,000. You can obtain your earnings in cash via PayPal.



This is a free app, sharing a lot of similarities with App Trailer. It also pays for watching videos, making surveys and downloading apps. Moreover it also features a referral point of $0.25, whereas the person to whom you referred also gets to earn $0.1. The cash limit which can be redeemed by PayPal is amazingly low , precisely $1.



Get paid to play also shares a lot of features of App Trailer. Each task which you perform such as watching videos, downloading games and making surveys will get you cents. Cash earned can later be redeemed via PayPal.


Amazed by all these apps? Well what are you waiting for? Take a head start right now and embark upon this money-making ride.




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