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Top 5 interesting ways of promoting your Blog on twitter

twitterThe five Ps of blogging include Plan, Pen, Publish, Promote and Participate. Of these, promoting your blog is the most important part of the whole blogging process. Social media experts say that you need to spend about 20% of your time creating the blog content and 80% of it promoting it. It is a fact that if you do not promote your content effectively, your hard work of producing the finest post is futile. If the word about your blog is not out, your content will not maximize its reach and your blog activities would prove fruitless. If someone is writing a blog, he or she definitely needs an abundant traffic to it which would lead the blog to its success. In this regard, social media channels can prove to be inestimable sources.

With their millions of daily users, social media channels enjoy a broad, global reach; therefore, they are potent platforms for promotional activities. Your social media account can give you the benefit of directing the audience to your blog hence fulfilling the needs of drawing the desired traffic to the content you have written. As a blogger, you need to let people know regularly about your blog content. It is foolish to assume that someone who has visited your blog once will return. The advisable method is to continually remind them and to let them know that you have fresh content.

Twitter is one of the major and most powerful social media channels. It proves to be a great opportunity to cross promote your blog. Tweeting about your blog can be an incredible way to reach out and connect with consumers. With more than 500 million users, you can find a number of new readers through tweeting. However, simply tweeting the name and link of your blog is not going to work. You need to be creative and use extraordinary marketing when you tweet about your blog posts. If you use Twitter well, you will be able to drive tons of traffic back to your blog. Here are 5 interesting ways to promote your blog on Twitter. Use these to drive more traffic to your site or blog.

Use Short, Stimulating Tweets

Giving a detailed description of your content in 140 characters is difficult; therefore, tweeting out a link is a great way to notify your social media audience of your new blog post. Along with the link, it is better to make really short tweets that invoke interest of the audience in your blog article. While tweeting about your blog, it is not necessary to stick with your article’s title. Be creative and use provocative tweets of below 100 characters. It can be a good little writing challenge and concurrently brings a 21% higher interaction rate.

Use Hashtags

A great way to spread your tweets is the use of Hashtags. A hashtag is, in fact, one or more words with a # sign and it makes a common discussion subject. Users have been using Hashtags on Twitter for many years for the simple reason that they provide a great way to connect with twitter users beyond just your Followers. You can use theme specific hashtags in case you want to promote a specific blog, landing page, eBook or any other content. In this case, you have the freedom and advantage of creating your own hashtags. On the other hand, you can also use general post-related hashtags about your blog topic. It leads to getting your tweet seen by other Twitter users who may be searching for the topics you have written about.

Leverage Twitter Chats

If you are thinking about networking with fellow professionals and users interested in your field, Twitter chats can be a powerful tool for you. It is a great platform to connect with people and track the conversation with the agreed-upon hashtag. In addition to it, Twitter chats are public forums, so it is really easy for other users to search all the Tweets sent out during the conversation. Therefore, if you are hosting or participating in a Twitter chat, you can include shortened links to your blog to exemplify a point. This will help you in getting more traffic to your blog as the users may be enthralled by what you have to say.

Use Eye-pleasing Images

It is prudent to use visually appealing images in your tweets. If you make your blog post tweets more appealing and attractive, more readers will interact with them and more traffic will be driven back to your site. Attach a cool yet relevant image in your blog post tweet. It is preferable to use an image that will attract your followers and charms them to find out more by clicking through to your blog post.

Promote your Tweets

A useful advertising option provided by Twitter is Promoted Tweets. They are quite inexpensive and help spread your content to the target market. With Promoted Tweets, your blog post tweet will show up not only in your followers’ feeds but also in other users’ feeds. In this way, you will be able to broadcast your tweets to those Twitter users who would not normally see them. This is an effective and operational way to drive new and upgraded traffic to your blog.

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