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Top 5 important tips to get long-term subscribers for your blog

blogIt won’t be wrong to say that subscribers are the life-blood of a successful blog and every blog owner wishes to have more of them for a longer period of time. To have a successful and running blog, your subscribers should be valued more than the traffic or number of page views.
The best indicator towards your blog’s earnings and success is to grow the email subscribers list of your blog. There are many easy ways to get more, long-term subscribers for your blog. Some of them are given below:
1. Create a dedicated landing page for subscription
For getting more long-term subscribers, you should create a landing page on your blog (also known as a “squeeze page”) that is exclusively dedicated to new blog subscribers. The page should only be used for getting a subscription and nothing more, and you can use it to drive traffic to it from your blog, or any other source you’d want to. You can optimize it like any other lead generation landing page and add a clear, advantage-oriented title. Add examples of the kind of content readers will be getting. You can also add a social proof of the number of subscribers who have already signed-up at your blog.
2. Make a killer offer
You can offer an “ethical bribe” to the people in your email list in the form of an e-book, a free report, an online course, exclusive tips or even an audio series. This can work effectively both with email subscriptions tied to auto-responders and with RSS. WordPress blog owners can use various free plug-ins in order to link to their download page for the free gifts and offers. These plug-ins can only show up in the RSS feed so only the feed subscribers will be able to view the link and get access to the free bonuses.
3. Use a call-to-action
Another way is to use a call-to-action for your blog. A call-to-action is a gentle persuasion for readers to sign-up for regular updates via email. At the end of every post, you can include a call-to-action that encourages readers to join your email list after reading the post in order to sign-up and get a free report or regular updates regarding the blog. After they have finished reading a blog post, your readers might think to leave your blog and never come back again but this gentle nudge will surely convert them into long-term subscribers and readers of your blog.
4. Make it clear and concise
Since people are more inclined towards typing their email address only, avoid asking for any more information such as their full name or telephone number. For subscribing you only need to have their email address and you can get other information later when you connect them via email. So the thing is to make it as easy, simple and obvious to understand as you can. Always make your subscription options visible. It is advisable to request for the subscription at the end of each post.
5. Add multiple opt-in forms
Make sure that you have at least three to four opt-in forms added into your blog. The more opt-in forms you have, the greater the chances of having your ‘blog readers’ email addresses. You should add one opt-in form prominently placed on your homepage, one at the top of the sidebar, and one at the end of each blog post. You can also add an opt-in form to your “About Us” page because this can convert a huge bulk of readers into long-term subscribers.

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