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Top 5 Highest Paid Online Jobs








With the turn of the decade, there has been a new revolution in the world of communication via internet. Its innumerable advantages are explored due to easy availability of internet connections all over the world. People are now availing their internet connections to get jobs just by sitting in their homes than by searching for them from other sources and working full-time in an office. This has saved time, money and fatigue.

Although there is an increased chance of fraud in online jobs,but online earning jobs are still the most lucrative jobs these days. Following are the top 5 highest paid online jobs:


Have a degree in software development? You can get countless highly paid projects online. Ranging from student assignments to professional development, the chances of finding an IT related online job are more than ever. For this, you can make your profile on an online earning websites like Odesk, LinkedIn, Elance, etc. After creating an attractive profile, you can bid on the thousands of freelancing jobs of your  interest and get paid after completing them. Highly paid freelance developers are earning in the range of 1000$-2000 $ per month


Freelance writing has grown to be one of the most wanted and highest paid online job. This is preferred by most of the students as it doesn’t require any other skills than grammar and a little knowledge about the SEO writing. Other than SEO, people need content for their websites, for which they hire good writers all the time. If you think you are good at writing, this might be your shot. According to a latest research highly paid freelance writers are earning in the range of 1000$-2000 $ per month. Odesk, LinkedIn, Uvocorp and Elance are the four most popular freelance writing websites


Talking about online jobs and good pays and not mentioning online marketing? This is not sensible at all. Online marketing has now become very important tool to promote products online and to generate web traffic. Many social media websites and SEO marketing tools are being used to target audience and market the company online. The job requires you to publicize the company online through different marketing tools. SEO marketing and Social media analysts are charging at minimum monthly salaries in the range of 200$-500 $ for their work.


A lot of companies are offering online data entry jobs to people. These might be typing documents in computer and updating records. Other than this, you can also type captcha images and get paid. This job just requires no other skills than typing, and you can earn $5 and $20 per hour.


If you don’t want to earn by working under some company, you can start earning through blogging by signing up to a free blog. Update your blog regularly and try to gain audience. You can promote your blog free of charge through social media websites and online forums. Once your blog gets a reasonable audience you can put ads on it and earn on each click. Latest statistics reveal that 100000 monthly visitors can easily earn you 200-300 $ per month.

While choosing one of the above ways of online earning, you have to be careful about the chances of scam, as where there is this much earning, fraud chances are maximized too. This can be done by researching enough about the person or company you are working for.

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