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Top 5 hacking prevention techniques for Facebook page owners

facebookHacking has become a new norm in the world. With all the technological advancements, the hackers are inventing ever new techniques to rob you of your cherished websites and Facebook pages. Hacking causes disturbance, loss of material, and loss of money. These losses takes lot of time to addressed, therefore, causes much agony and trouble to the owners of the page who work earnestly to earn online money through these Facebook pages. Here are five hacking prevention techniques which could save your page from being hacked by the hackers.



Don’t forget to Log Out

In most cases, pages become prone to hacking because admin does not log out. So it is advised that page owner should always log out after using the page. This carelessness makes the page more vulnerable to the hackers

An Unguessed Password

Modern software programs are quick to crack your passwords if they are not appropriately designed. To decrease the chance of hacking you are recommended to use the random passwords. These passwords are difficult to comprehend and predict for the software programs. Therefore, the security of your page is largely enhanced by employing this technique. Mostly, the characters such as #$%^3A are considered to be better passwords which are comparatively difficult to be cracked down by the software. By using this method, you will be able to earn online money securely by using your facebook page.

Login Approval: The basic requisite to security

The login approvals serves to suffice the needs of security by keeping check at your login activity. For instance, if someone tries to log in you Facebook account from any other computer or mobile source, the Facebook would ask the user to enter a special login code. The process helps to recognize the person with the original account with all the details. Once you give the code to the account, the account will be asking you to name the device so that they could the device could recognize you next time. This process has helped long way to those who wanted to secure their Facebook page.


Specified Devices to Access your Facebook Page

There are certain malicious software which saves the key logging record. Therefore, if you use unauthorized computer/ mobile to access your Facebook Page you can be impacted by such software. It is imperative to make sure that the device does not possess such software. Caution will help you to earn online money in an efficient manner.

Stay away from Malicious Apps

There are certain apps which ask you to provide information about your account. These Apps are not to be trusted because they are usually built to compromise your account. Thus, only those recommended apps must be considered which do not want information about your Facebook account. More than often people do make the mistake of providing accurate information about their Facebook pages and end up being in tight corners with their hopes to earn online money in despair.





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