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Top 5 free games to learn stock trading

stock crashIt is a famous cliché that experience is the best teacher. However when it comes to stock market, even trivial mistakes can make a whole world of difference. They can make you go downhill in an instant. Hence these are mistakes you cannot afford to make, as they cost you much more than your self – esteem. However you cannot just jump into the market un- prepared and without any armor at your disposal. Because doing so will just bring you in close proximity with risks which can bring your great losses. As a remedy to this situation, now you can come across games, which deal with virtual money and teach you all the tricks and tactics of stock market. Following are the five best free games available, which go a long way in training you to become a competent and able stock trader.



This game allows you to invest $ 100, 000 in cash, via drop-down menu choices. It also helps you to choose stocks by letting you have access to an impressive resource library which has three tiers; beginner, intermediate and advanced respectively. Beginners who face a little difficulty in understanding the game can use some of the preset portfolios by proven traders. Although the $100,000 competition is the most popular one, yet the players can create their own contests as well. To download this game , click on the following link.




This game is owned by the same company which owns the Wall Street Survivor. This game gives a handful of really valuable experience to all stock traders who are just embarking upon their journey. Furthermore, in addition to stocks and indexes, it also gives options to experiment with Forex portfolios, penny stocks, mutual funds and short selling. It also gives beginners an edge , i.e. in the beginning they can execute market order-based trades in a *fun mode* , whereby they are free to ignore such limitations such as set hours, maximum number of trades per day, per stock and order expiration. Once the beginner trudges up to the advanced level, a more realistic mode meets him.

Click on the following link to access this game



The remarkable thing about this game is that it is easy to learn yet it is realistic at the same time; which is undeniably an interesting conjugation. The realistic features incorporated in this game include virtual commission that’s taken out of each trade, adhering to market hours and rules about how you can invest. It helps the aspiring stock traders to learn by convenient tools such as help icons on key terms and an intuitive tabbed interface.
Click on the following link to download this game.




This Mock stock market contest held by MarketWatch goes on for four weeks, and the winner is awarded an iPad. The shares which you *purchase* open on Monday and will automatically * sell* on Friday. All players can only make use of 15 to 20 symbols selected for each week. This game is particularly designed for beginners to help them develop a basis for stock trading.
Click on the following link in order to download this game.




Updown also comes with helpful icons to help the beginners. These icons explain the key terms for beginners’ benefit. Its education center helps the players to comprehend even the most complex of investment concepts. It provides collaboration opportunities and enables the players to see the most bought and most sold stocks. It also features a monthly contest, where the player with the most cash is rewarded.

Click on the following link to access this game.


So all aspiring stock traders needs to lay their hands on these games and polish their skills so that they become ready to fight their way through the grueling stock market

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