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Top 5 Forex Trading Android Apps

Exchange RateForex  trading is actually a game of money and fortune. Many investors have made and lost money by trading on the Forex Markets.  In Forex trading, more than 3 trillion dollars are traded online and offline on  daily basis.  Forex applications for the  Android have become very popular among experienced and matured investors in last few years. Android based forex tools have made easy for the Forex traders to access real-time data, examine currencies and place trades anytime and everywhere you want. Below is the list of top 5 Android apps to learn Forex trading.

E*TRADE Mobile

E*Trade is  one of the most popular  forex trading websites in the world. ETRADE is a very popular app among Forex Traders. It is used to get stock , account information, sport market trends, check account balance and also track your investment. This app also introduces some other tools for e.g. voice recorder, a time list of DJIA and S&P 500 Quotes.


Meta Trader

This app is freely available on Google play stores. This application is developed by (Meta Quotes Software). Meta trader gives you the ability to supervise your account information and have an easy access on reporting. Its frequent users are satisfied with all its services. Its developers have used all the features of its earlier forex based applications.

FX Currency

This app is available on Android. This is very easy to use and supports almost 160 countries. It is a reliable currency changer. FX currency app can convert currencies in a very short portion of time. Now it also supports live chat and forex historical data.


This app is freely available on Android based mobile phones. This is one of the best known mobile apps for getting financial information. It provides easy access to all types of finance news, market data and portfolio tracking tools. Most of the Forex traders use this simple mobile app to view the latest business news and charts. This app is one of the favorite app of every business man.

Trade Interceptor

This app is available on Android, IOS, BlackBerry, iPhone, MAC and Amazon Kindle. Trade Interceptor is a very handy app for busy Forex Traders. It offers live trading, professional chatting, feature of host and advanced trading features.



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