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Top 5 factors affecting the Pakistan stock market

Here are some of the factors that will affect the Pakistan stock market this week. Read them carefully and then go for investing money. Some of them will result in the increment of your shares while some will decrease your shares. They are:
Panama Case Uncertainity

The most awaited hearings of the Panama case have been completed. The whole nation is waiting for final verdicts from the judges of the court. The result of this case is the main headline for the investors as they mainly depend upon the government. The whole market is going to fluctuate with results as it becomes the central issue of Pakistan. Many investors are waiting for verdicts, and they are not taking much interest in economy of Pakistan. Panama case has become the main uncertainty factor for Pakistan stock market. It is causing many problems for the investors as well as for brokers.

Habib Bank is eyeing for an opportunity in CPEC

Habib Bank has opened a branch in Urumqi, and they are eyeing to open many of other branches along the boundary of China-Pakistan Economic Corridor. As it is one of the top banks in Pakistan and they have a marvelous team of specialists who are presenting their sound policies to improve the performance of the banking sector. It will not be a wrong to invest in this company as the CPEC is going to start soon.

Restructuring of Pakistan International Airlines

PIA is going to gain their glory back, and it is restructuring its organizational structure for this purpose. It is very vital for the investors to invest in this company as company is coming back with the more dominant team. They are making great policies for a safe return in the stock market. The PIA management is trying hard to win hearts of Pakistanis as well as foreigner peoples. Investing in this company will be a good step, but it is also risky one.

FDI in automobile sector

The high performance in Pakistan auto industry is getting the interest of foreigner’s investment. The auto sector is getting investment from Japan, Germany and other countries. The government is also taking an interest in this sector, and they are making lots of improvements in the sector. It will be a good step to invest in the automobile industry of Pakistan as it is going to increase soon probably in the current year.

The increment in oil prices

The improvement in oil prices is helping the oil sector to grow and this factor is really helping the oil based shares listed at the Pakistan stock market. It will be a good step to invest in these enterprises. Many people are taking an interest in oil based sectors.

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