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Top 5 easiest ways to earn for school going kids


FiverrAs the need for money is growing among youngsters day by day, a number of kids and teens are searching for new ways to earn some smart cash online. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that today there are a billion ways by which a kid or a teenager can earn online, ranging from selling beautiful crafts to producing cool pictures or interesting content for various websites. Year by year, kids are becoming more and more tech savvy, and here’s how they are now taking more advantage of their skills and talent. Given below are the top 5 ways by which kids of today can earn some bucks online easily:

  1. Write and submit content

If you’re a 13-year-old and love to write, take photos and make videos then you can get paid for submitting your content to various websites such as Gather and Helium. This is a great and simple way to earn online for school going kids. These websites are basically revenue-generating sites by which kids get paid on the basis of the popularity or page views of their content. With Gather, kids can share their content in the form of articles, pictures and videos. Kids can also get paid by commenting on the content submitted by other people. The website pays you through points that are exchangeable for gift cards or cash via PayPal. Helium pays you through PayPal if your article appears in the list of top five. There are other websites as well such as Squidoo and Xomba by which kids get paid for writing and sharing content.

  1. Start your own blog

Blogging for earning money has become one of the hottest trends nowadays and kids and teenagers everywhere around the world are following this trend. With blogging, kids can write about anything they like and earn online while having fun. WordPress, Blogger, MyBlogSite and My Yahoo! Blog are some of the very famous blog creation websites through which kids can post and monetize their content for free. Kids can use Google AdSense to generate online income easily. You simply have to paste a code into your blog in order to display the ads. As a kid, you can blog about anything that’s on your mind such as, your favorite food, favorite musical band, your favorite subject in school, your hobbies, sports you play the most, how you see life as a kid/teenager, places you’ve traveled to, or the coolest thing that has ever happened to you. So, if you are in the 12-15 year old age group and haven’t thought about blogging yet, then you should start it right away!

  1. Sell your stuff

You can even sell your stuff and collectibles online through websites like eBay and Amazon. You can sell the crafts that you make at home, your old textbooks, accessories, clothing, and many other things. But you should be at least 18 years old or have your parents’ consent to sell things on these websites. If you have been collecting action figures and don’t play with them anymore then you can even sell those online by keeping a reasonable price and being fair about it.

  1. Take online surveys

Another great way to earn online as a kid is to get paid by filling out surveys that different companies post online. So, if you’re at least 13 years old and want to review a computer game you’ve recently played, or you like to go and shop at a specific store, or you prefer one brand over another, then you can take online surveys related to that and get paid for it. Most of the companies pay through PayPal, while others send checks via email.

  1. Write eBooks

If you’re a 14 year old and love to write then you can earn online some good bucks by writing eBooks and selling them on Kindle. You can write how to’s, fiction and factual books, and even recipes if you’re a foodie. Since young minds are filled up with creative ideas and imagination, they can easily develop complex and vivid stories and utilize their talent by turning it into a part time or full time job.

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