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Top 5 easiest ways of online earning through amazon

amazonLet’s start-up with consideration of economic conditions of the world, where thousands of people are unemployed and have no source of income at all, online earning is an alternative which comes to mind whenever you think about possible sources to earn some money.

However the concept of online earning is totally misunderstood. As the matter of fact one on can earn handsome amount of money through affiliate marketing then a person employed and work through offices and for that you need to give importance to your affiliate earning strategies as much as you give to your real life  job.

Money doesn’t grow on trees, in order to go for online earning, through affiliate marketing, you need to learn and research about it as much as possible, and this will give good boost to your business.


As this content is targeted to newbies, let’s start with conceptual understanding of affiliate marketing and online earning. Affiliate marketing is a method of advertising one’s business with the help of other publishers and websites where the payment is mostly made on the basis of sales. Where else, online earning is earning money via internet

As you are a newbies, it is well suggested to start you career with physical products then digital one. There are many product vendors available online but it’s better to go for Amazon then ClickBank, because Amazon is easier to start with.

Here are 5 easiest ways to make good money by promoting Amazon products

1.       Create Blog/ Website Through Squidoo

Why should you focus on Squidoo? That’s because it’s free and you have all the tools necessary to promote Amazon products on Squidoo. Moreover, if you can set your lens right, it will look attractive and interesting for your readers. You know that website design is one of the most important factors that will improve your conversion rate.

2. Build a Review Website on Small Niche

Pick a small niche. For example, you can pick digital photography as your niche. Then, what you need to do is to build a review website around this digital photography niche. You can call this website: digital photography review. Here you will publish around 30 product reviews related to your niche. So, in this instance, you will write about cameras, video camcorders, and so on.

3. Create a List of Best Products

You can create a list of best products around certain product category, such as 10 best cameras under $500, best LED TV under $300, and so on. When you create a list of best products, you are promoting multiple products in one article. In this way, you will increase your chance of success in generating sales from your promotion.

4. Create Comparison Article

People usually compare multiple products before actually choosing the one to buy. So, for example, you can compare two different products by stating its positives and negatives side by side, such as Samsung LED TV vs. LG LED TV.

5. Small Niche Blogging

The last method to earn money from physical product is by creating a small targeted niche blog. For instance, if you really like playing golf and want to promote some golf products to your readers, then you can create a small niche blog about golf. In this blog, you will update it with good tips related to golf.







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