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Top 5 easiest ways of earning money online


EarnA little extra amount added to your usual budget is always welcome. Perhaps there was something you wanted to buy but budget constraints were hindering you or perhaps you are looking forward to start your saving account. Whatever the reason might be, following are some easy and simple ways to improve your earning capacity through earning money online up to $200 / month.



It so happens that reputed companies want reviews and surveys about their products. Owing to this fact, they hire survey companies and pay them in return. While these companies further hire people to fill out these surveys. You can make money via paid surveys by two ways. Either you fill up surveys yourself. The other way is analogous to affiliate marketing, also termed as Cost per Action. After signing up on the survey websites, you will be provided with a referral link, which you will have to share. Indirectly you would be attracting people to these websites and thus will be paid for sharing it and providing them with people.

For the former type of earning you can check out websites like www.surveysavvy.com and for the latter you might want to visit www.affiliate.com or www.clickbooth.com.



For all music lovers out there this opportunity of making money while listening to music is almost too good to be true , but nevertheless it is indeed true. Are you puzzled as to how this works? Here‘s the simple procedure. To start reviewing, the first mandatory step is to register to a music scout. After receiving a confirmation email and an activation code you are ready to listen and earn. The scouting room is where all the bands upload the songs. All the tracks are anonymous, until you review them. What you have to do is listen to a tune, write your opinion and rate it from 1-10. The money you make depends upon the scout room you are reviewing in, along with the quality of your review. The more tunes you listen to, the more reviews you write and consequently the more money you earn. If you want to make money via music as well, then check out the following websites.





If you know how to twist and turn words and have a flair for writing, then you can make use of this talent of yours to earn some extra money for yourself. These days you can write reviews of various products ranging from books, movies, clothing, electronics, software etc. and generate income for yourself. Following are some websites which provide you this opportunity of writing reviews.






It a fact widely known that professional gamers make a huge amount of money. But what if you do not want to accept the allegation of a professional gamer and want to generate a little income merely through your amateur playing. Here’s how to do it. Although don’t get the impression that it is an instant richness tip. However if you are shrewd you can turn your gaming into an earning mechanism. First of all there is game testing. In which video game developers employ people to test and play their games so that if any glitches are there, they can be found out. Then you could write Walk through or guide books if you are a gaming expert and sell them on websites like www.killerguides.com. Also you could record videos of you playing games, put them on websites like www.youtube.com and then monetize them. This could also earn you a little money.



This comes underneath the umbrella head of online marketing and is effective to a certain extent. If you are aware of someone who is skillful and whose work ethics can be guaranteed by you, then consider referring that person to a prospective employer. If a situation arises in which that person gets hired then you have the chances of making money anywhere between fifty to a few thousand dollars. It all depends on the person’s skill and his new position. If you know someone and are interested in making money through them then check out the following websites.




Try any of these ways and have a happy earning experience.





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