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Top 5 easiest tips to get thousands of visitors from your Facebook profile


Facebook marketingFacebook is one of the top  visited websites and number one social networking website in the world. Successful bloggers and online marketing professionals are aware of its marketing potential.So they give it a special place in their online marketing plan.Bloggers and marketing professional get thousands of visitors from their Facebook pages and Facebook profiles.People are aware of  marketing potential of  Facebook pages,but not many people know how to get visitors from their Facebook profiles.Here are five very easy and mighty effective tips to get visitors from Facebook profile.


Make an attractive Facebook profile

To get hundred of visitors from your Facebook profile,you have to make it very attractive for your visitors.To make it attractive you have to add nice and beautiful pictures.Making a profile by the name of any female is not  a bad idea.It will attract more and more people towards your profile,as people are so crazy about girls.

Increase your  friends related to your blog niche

Try to increase your friends as much as you can.Facebook has the maximum limit of 5000 friends for a single profile.Keep in mind that you have to add people related to your blog niche.If you have entertainment related blog,you can increase your friends by commenting on Facebook pages related to the entertainment.If your comments are good,people will definitely add you.If you have at least 5000 friends,then you can easily bring hundreds of visitors per day to your blog.But please avoid adding people excessively,as Facebook bans people who excessively add unknown people.

Make regular posts

To keep your friends interested in your blog,you must make regular blog posts on your Facebook profile.Experienced bloggers advise new bloggers to make at least post a day.Regular posts will keep your audience engaged and interested in your blog.

Keep your profile active

You must keep your profile active by posting links of other Facebook pages or blogs.But keep in mind that your posts should be related to your blog niche.

Don’t spam

Bloggers must avoid spamming their friends,as it will irritate them .If you will send your post into their inbox,it is quite possible that they will unfriend you.Sometimes people also report to the Facebook,if their friend continuously spams them.So please beware of this,as it can really create serious problem for you.

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