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Top 5 easiest tips to generate traffic from Twitter

twitterThese are the times of social media, with twitter and Facebook hovering over everything else. Twitter is the easiest and most effective way to promote your blog if you happen to be a blogger. If its ropes are pulled wisely, then it can attract people to your blog in no time. Although it is a very potent agent, yet you have to put in some effort; attract followers by your exceptional content, do not hesitate in sharing resources, connect with your followers and pull some strings here and there to promote your blog posts. Hereby we will teach you how to pull those strings so that eventually you end up with increased blog views and faithful followers. If used with prudence and diligence, these tips will definitely result in increased traffic flow to your blog.



Usually what happens is that twitter users quickly skim through their activity stream. If your headline happens to be attractive, it will stand out from the other posts and claim the user’s attention. These headlines play a vital role in deciding the flow of traffic to your blog so always go for some catchy line.



If you are new to Twitter, then you might be wondering what hash tags are. Hash tags are words which have the character # as their prefix. Some hash tags enjoy wide popularity and consequently a wide use. If you are blogging, then make sure that you use #blogging hash tag in your tweets. Your followers will automatically come across it in their activity stream. Also, another effective way is that figure out the hash tags which are commonly used in the niche you choose for your blogs. Afterwards make use of them in your tweets to promote your blog.




Make sure that you promote your post a couple of times to catch the user’s attention. However you have to be careful and not over-do it; otherwise you might appear to be obnoxious and annoying.



This is a very useful tip. What happens is that stumbleupon’s link shortener enables the readers to stumble upon your blog posts frequently, eventually resulting in an increased number of readers from the Stumble community. The steps are pretty simple. Just visit Su.pr, input your blog post link and get the shortened su.pr link. Afterwards make use of this shortened link in your tweets. People clicking on the link will end up automatically on your blog post. Furthermore they will come across the stumbleupon tool bar in the header of your blog. If they hit upon the stumbleupon button, then consequently your blog will be submitted to their stumbleupon followers. Thus resulting in rampant promotion of your blog.




This mention is very interesting and will drive traffic to your blog. By using this you can include twitter’s user names. Through them you can directly tweet users,followers,friends, customers etc. And most probably your tweet may get retweeted; therefore make sure that your tweet mentions a link back to your blog post.



Use these tips and enjoy immense popularity and promotion for your blog.



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