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Top 5 DoFollow Forums

Do follow linkIf you want to boost your backlinks , then you have to use dofollow blogs and dofollow forums. The link juice from a blog with a relatively higher PR blog or forum is going to be better for your blog because it will boost your Google page rank. This is especially beneficial if you are active in a niche forum which allows dofollow backlinks. This way you will be getting a very good quality link to your site and also well targeted traffic of audience as well.

We are here to tell a way to take your website or blogsite to the top page of search engine such as Google, Yahoo, Bing and so on. There are numerous ways in which you can optimize your search engine. These ways help websites to improve the ranking.Forum posting is actually a very powerful and assured way for dofollow back links.

As most of us know this fact quite well that link building is a very important aspect of Website and blog success. If you have a greater number of back links that too from a high PR site then your search engine would definitely rank high!

Why I need to impart a few tips about back link over here? Because it is something very important to know in order to earn online. You do not have to buy back links for your site or an online journal website in the light of the fact that Google actually disdain buy back links. But the most effective internet search engine “Google” overlook buy back link like nofollow back link.
We are going to give you a very refined list of 5 high PR forum posting sites. We are sharing with you the best 5 do follow forums with you in order to get high quality back links and traffic, which helps you earn online since these back links can drive you massive traffic. This article will save a lot of your time that you would have been wasting otherwise for searching out the best dofollow links websites. So we do all the efforts and research to bring you this list.

So now moving forward to the  list of dofollow forums. Here it is.


2)Siteowners Forum

3)Joomla Forum
4)My space Forum

5)CNET Forum

We know it’s not humanly possible to be active almost everywhere but we will recommend you an easier way which is by selecting 3-4 forums of your choice and niche and then try to visit these as often as you can. We will also suggest you to add values to people’s post by commenting on them, this is how we help others and get help when we need. Just keep these few important tips in your mind. It will help you go a long way and earn money like never before.Here is another important point that you should keep in mind, which is to keep an eye on this forum for dofollow attribute because there are times webmasters remove the dofollow links because of spamming.

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