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Top 5 Global Currency Traders

Exchange RateGlobal Forex Market  consists of very sophisticated and complicated financial networks.These networks are mostly controlled by large commercial banks and securities dealers.Forex market grew at a very healthy rate of 14 % in the last year . According to the latest figures, daily forex transactions of more than $ 5.3 trillion are taking place in the market.  Following are the top 5 financial institutions who are controlling the global Forex market.




Citigroup is one of the largest corporation ,which is providing banking and financial services to its consumers.It has more than 16% share in the global currency trading market.In the year 2013 it has taken over  Deutsche Bank as the largest currency trader in the world.

Deutsche Bank

Deutsche bank is the second largest currency trader ion the world.It is the largest bank in the whole Europe.It is capturing more than 15.6% share of the Global foreign exchange market .

Barclays Bank

Barclays bank is the one of the most important British financial institution ,which offers banking and risk management services to its consumers.It is capturing more than 10.91 % of the global foreign exchange  market  .


UBS AG is the largest bank in the Switzerland and it has assets of around US$1,966.9 billion.It is providing banking,wealth management and asset management service to its consumers.It is capturing more than 10.8% global foreign exchange market.


HSBC is the second largest bank and fifth largest currency trader in the world.It has more than $2.671 Trillion assets spreading all over the world.It is capturing more than &5 of the global foreign exchange market.


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