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Top 5 countries with highest RPM Adsense rates

GoogleAdsense122222The countries are technically ranked according to Revenue per thousand impressions (RPM). Country with the highest RPM is at the first position while the country with lowest RPM is at the bottom. 90 percent of advertisers target their ad on the basis of Geo location and Ad keyword (advertising niche).Other than that country factor also plays an important role. For example :Insurance is one of high paying keywords in the USA, but you can not get any revenue for insurance keyword from Saudi Arabia as very few people are interested in this keyword.
As we know that users search for different things in different states, as advertisers running campaigns internationally. Many analysts have discovered that these trends exist across the border as well.
Here is a list for top 5 countries with highest RPM Adsense:

1. Australia

2.United States


4.United kingdom:

5. New Zealand

Following are the factors affecting the Adsense RPM

Some of these countries  have very high English-Speaking populations which makes these countries come at the very top. These people can benefit more since most of the quality articles are in English language.

We see that all the countries mentioned above are well-developed countries, so it highly depends on the resources of the country and how well the country is doing in its economy. Countries that are under developed do not have all the resources like, internet and computers etc. This is why you will see under-developed countries or third world countries at the very bottom of the list .

Some countries have more people visiting the internet often, for these countries the Adsense RPM is high. When greater number of people use the internet for a longer period of time then this increase the chances for high RPM.

We see that people who access the internet from mobiles affects a country’s RPM as well. If more people access internet from the mobile in a specific country, then those countries have comparatively higher RPM Adsense.

Also in all these countries, Google acts nearly as a monopoly of search, with no significant competition from other search engines. I hope these data will be useful, to increase your Adsense earning by focusing merely on the countries with the highest RPM rate.

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