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Top 5 best freelancing websites

fiverrFree lancing is considered one of the most popular ways of earning these days, as it does not require you to be present at a same place like all others hectic full time jobs do. In fact, you can work from anywhere you want and whenever you want. Due to no limit of work you can take at a time, students mostly prefer freelancing as a way of earning some side money. However, you need to be selective in the choice of the website you choose to work on.
Following are the top 5 websites where you can find freelancing work:
1. Freelancer
Freelancer is the biggest and the most famous of the freelancing sites. Starting in 2003, it has managed to crawl up to the number one ranks in the world. Currently, its 453 on global ranking according to Alexa. People can log in to the website and find millions of freelancing jobs, according to their skills. The website is easy to join, and simple to apply for work. Once you get to make a fancy profile, making money is no more a problem. Being a secure website, you do not need to worry about money transactions. People can write, design or do whatever they are good at. The website is perfect for the newbie willing to start working.
2. oDesk
Odesk is one of the best websites to start a freelance career with over a 90,000 jobs. The web is known for providing high quality service and a good communication between the client and the dealer. Also, the commission ratio is too small for one to manage. One can easily sign up and get just the right projects he wants without worrying about transactions. Also, the site has got an excellent support team that promptly addresses to queries and problems.

3. Elance
Elance is considered as one of the most trusted websites when it comes to freelancing with over 100,000 potential customers visiting each week. People put on jobs on the site starting from simple designs to writing material and projects. You can join it by choosing the category of your choice and then you can get work related to it. You can have membership starting from as low as $60. Select plans are suitable for agencies. To get started, register yourself on the site and start biding on projects.

4. People Per Hour
This website was launched just a few years back but has earned much fame due to its excellent policies and simple methods. Leaving others behind, people per hour give its users a good dealing experience and income too. The site is an excellent platform for graphic designers, programmers and content writers.

5. Fiverr
Fiver has got one of the world’s biggest markets for small services. The unique aspect of the website is that other than the professional stuff, you can create gigs for $5. This is easy as you can simply copy others and generate money for yourself.

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