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Top 5 benefits of guest blogging for bloggers

blog“Whether you are looking for more exposure, credibility, inbound links, social media exposure, networking opportunities or all of the above, guest blogging is a worthwhile content marketing strategy. While it takes dedication to consistently write great posts, the benefits far outweigh the time investment.” – Jayson DeMers, Search Engine Journal.
Guest blogging refers to writing content and publishing it on someone else’s website. But the question is how can it benefit you?
Simply writing and posting awesome content on your own blog isn’t enough. You need to do something more in order to maximize your online presence. Guest posting on other websites is a great and unique way of obtaining an increased following on your own blog and social media profile, and at the same time achieving reliability and networking opportunities online.
Although guest posting is usually a time consuming thing, it can offer the following benefits if you perform it frequently:
1. Helps create authority
The number one benefit of guest posting is that it helps build your authority and influence over the web. It enables you to show others that you’re capable of writing for them. People can search for you and look up your name on various websites through guest posting. Also, you can associate yourself easily with well-known bloggers in your niche and earn the kind of respect you want. It takes only a couple of months for a new blogger to develop authority and become respected in the related niche.

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