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Top 5 benefits of E-trading

banner_derivativesE-Trading has become rampantly popular in contrast to the traditional methods of trading. This is because of the various benefits of e-trading. You might be wondering what e-trading actually is. Electronic stock trading or e-trading actually comprise of selling and buying stocks through a purely electronic interface on web. Stock transactions can be carried out easily through this channel. E-trading has various advantages to its name as compared to traditional trading through a live broker. Following are the top five benefits of e-trading.




A very potent benefit of E-trading is that the transaction costs are greatly reduced, as compared to the deployment of a traditional live stock broker. This is because in the latter case, you are paying for the time of that broker who is a highly trained professional. Whereas the automation of electronic trading reduces the transaction costs to an amazing degree.




All you need for e-trading is an internet connection and funds in a checking account to invest. Equipped with these two things, you can be an electronic stock trader no matter who you are or where you would be. Moreover setting up accounts doesn’t take long and money transfers can be made quickly. This ease of accessibility makes e-trading a popular option.




E-trading offers facilities and conveniences which conventional trading doesn’t. For instance you can carry out your trades anywhere in the world, as long as you have an internet connection. Many brokerage sites also have their mobile applications which enable you to keep in touch with your stocks wherever you are. This mobile trading has played a major role in mass acceptance of e trading.




Conventional trading also included the taking of help from investment professionals. Even though this was something positive for beginners who didn’t have muck know how of investments, yet obviously this resulted in the reduction of your investment gains. E-trading has come forth with a remedy for this problem. Many brokerage sites offer you a 24/7 guidance and help service. You can look over your accounts at your ease and take care of your investments as you please. Therefore your entire investment gains are yours to claim, without the intruding of any middleman. This Self-Directed Investment is another very significant benefit of e-trading which has resulted in its popularity.




E-trading is versatile and provides a chance to all stock traders, no matter what level of accomplishment they might be standing at. Moreover brokerage sites offer various subscription levels for different types of investors. There are various account types, depending on the type of trades you make. For instance, some accounts only charge fee when the trades are made. Others charge a monthly fee, yet these are a better option for those investors who expect to trade often. So ultimately e-trade provides solutions for every kind of trader.


With its multiple advantages such as streaming quotes which help you tract the latest market movements , self-execution and instant confirmation without any time lag , complete control over trading decisions , access to your account at all times and availability of all information on web and the  convenience of trading at your ease ; e-trading has become the modern sensation.



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