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Top 5 Benefits advantages of an eToro Open Book

etoro-logoConcentrating on keeping things as insignificantly confounded as possible, eToro’s best feature is its direct client interface which amplifies the simplicity of utilizing it as a social trading podium. It has wide repository of trading linked services to provide to its clients. Including these services, the most recent one is the eToro Open Book which joins the positions of and reforms this website as much cherished social exchanging services:

  • eToro Web dealer
  • eToro Copy Trader

The Open Book is inventive and is thought to be the first among the social trading platforms to make one uniform podium for social networking as well as trading. The main benefits of using  Open Book are as follows.

The Live Trading Feed

The live trading feed feature in the  Open Book gives a look into what the different brokers are managing, what are their ventures and what moves they are making. The usernames are accessible to get to, and you can easily see their trading profile also. You can see a dealer’s trading way, number of lucrative trades and the number of supporters etc.

Copy Trader

The unique feature of Copy Trader presented by the Open Book is permitting dealers and financial specialists to stay updated and examine their advancement, the copy trader permits you to naturally copy the advancement made by the selected investor. Conversely, merchants who are following different brokers and depositors ought to keep a watchful eye over the programmed functions of the copy merchant.


Giving careful consideration to the vitality of communication and association to encourage the exchange of data,  Open Book gives assistance like private messages, conversation and feeds walls. These peculiarities motivate financial specialists to interact with one another and offer information identifying to the shift of interest or supply in the business of money trading.

Trading On the Go with Smartphone Access

Smartphone access can be allowed to the Open Book since it is good with all elevated tech equipment.

Color Coded Indicators

Color coded pointers in the eToro Open Book are utilized to consequently study and find the risk included in a specific investment alternative. Distinctive colors are utilized to highlight diverse elements. If seen on the business sectors, the colors are demonstrating the following: Red illustrates high risk. Yellow implies medium risk. Green shows low risk. However, in the matter of market inclines, the colors close to the market resources demonstrate the current state of mind of the showcasing pattern. If seen next to the benefits, the shades are demonstrating the following: Red demonstrates an increment in the quantity of individuals offering. Green demonstrates a decline in the quantity of individuals purchasing.


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