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Top 5 anti-spam plugins for blogger


akisFor the bloggers spamming is always a big trouble and headache. This is the fact that your blog will never be a successful effort unless there is not discussion or comments or the feedback which is left by the users on the published post. Fortunately there is a solution to this problem, there are various anti-spam plugins bloggers systems are available on the internet.

Some of the top 5 anti-spam plugins of WordPress are available.They are listed as under.

1. Akismet

This is one of the best and most demand able tool or the fast growing problem of anti-spam. You do not need to do any thing accept activating this because it comes up with the reinstalled WordPress. After activating just enter you API key. This plugin system go through each post or comment which is left by the user. If their is any other comment related to your post then it will mark it and notify you. It automatically catches it and let your blog be unique.


Since a long time people are using the Caiaphas system for preventing anti-spam. It has been used since the internet has started using. By the Carnegie Mellon University, this program of CAPTCHA was started and later on it was acquired by Google. It is impossible to trace it by the automated bots. It is also impossible to crack this captcha by the automated bots.

3. Spam Free WordPress

This is one of the option for anti-spam plugin. This also comes up with a huge variety of anti-spam catchers. If your website is powered by the eCommerce then it is the best option for you and WooCommerce will also protect your computer from different spams.

4. Growmap Anti Spambot Plugin

This small system of anti spam will make your blog protected by the spams and will also generate a check box on the client’s comment. This checkbox is a proof and the post will never get posted unless you will not select the checkbox and this will also prevent the bog from spam. This is a very simple way and technique but it always works in 99% cases.

By applying this system there’s one more advantage  that is you just need to put a check by clicking on the checkbox apart from reading the captcha then writing it accordingly.This will also safe the time of the user.

5. Bad Behavior

In addition to protect your blog from the spam posts, this is the most easiest way to get rid of it. Through this system your blog will be loaded with the visitors and also the comments will be clean from the spam posts. This system will also secure your blog from other blog does not matches with your blog. This will ensure your blog is secure.

The main reason is the effectiveness of this system and the tools which are used for the anti-spam and protecting the computer. There is a spammer which is used in this software system which will prevent it from other spam posts and non required comments.






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