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Top 5 Android Games to Earn Money


Fantasy sports are one the favorite past times of this generation. People who love playing sports but cannot meet the high physical demands of being an athlete often turn to professional gaming. Fantasy sports tend to be more mentally challenging because many of them are strategy games and often involve teams. There are several international and national level professional gaming championships held annually where the talent of gamer is tested and great cash prizes are awarded to the winners. The number of participants and viewers has increased sharply in the recent years as awareness grows along with access to live streaming. Forbes predicted the global audience of eSports to be over 1.4 billion last year and Edward Chang, the Vice President of business development at Vulcan, predicted that 2016 was going to be a big year for professional gaming.

Of course players are passionate about what they do but the serious cash prizes are a huge incentive. Last time Vulcan, an online fantasy league for eSports, awarded $100,000 to the winner. It’s safe to say that you can win and win big in professional gaming. If you are a gamer in training and you want to test your mettle in tough competition then there are plenty of gaming forums where you may try your luck.

Cubic Cash

1 tap cash

This mobile app is all for the  folks who want to earn some cash hassle free. You don’t have to exert much effort at all. Search for Cubic Cash on your app store and download it in a few seconds. Next, download the latest free games and apps through Cubic Cash and run them. When you finish the entire list of missions you get a large 60% bonus. You will get Cubic Credits for it which may be turned into PayPal cash or Amazon gift cards.


CashPirate – Make / Earn Money



You don’t just get to try new games and apps with CashPirate but also videos, surveys, trials, etc. It offers an excellent referral system so you earn coins by inviting your friends. You get to have 10% of the earnings of every friend you invite too. There are also special offers and the coins may be used as gift cards or Pay Pal cash.



Wild Wallet


The registering process for Wild wallet maybe completed via Facebook or Google plus profile. It is quick and easy. Just start downloading exciting games and apps to earn credit. You could also fill out surveys watch sponsored content and gain bonus by inviting others.







Daily Free cash Rewards



This superb app has a VIP version too so you can earn extra by social media account verification. Other than that there are cool games and apps to discover while getting some cash handed to you for downloading and running them.

AppCoins (Earn Money)

images AppCoins is a very effective  way to earn money online – straight from Android device!

Wouldn’t it be goof to earn money online money day to day tasks? Such as by downloading a free applications or playing games .Well now one can do it with AppCoins. It is an effective way to earn money online from any part of the world.. Simply, android user have to complete small tasks such as playing games,downloading,  and using applications. Completing offers will reward with real money. AppCoins is a forthcoming app. one will get $0.03 from each friend who signs up and uses invite code as well as 10% bonus of one’s earnings. The respective friend will be awarded with $0.1 bonus using the invite code. The money earned by you can transferred to Mobile phone account (if it’s available in Country) or PayPal account  within 3-1 days of completing an offer. It’s really that easy! It’s simple  and fast to sign-up and only needs few minutes to start using the app.






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