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Top 5 amazing things about (www.etoro.com)

etoro-logoDeveloped and introduced in 2007, having roots in Tel Aviv, etoro.com grabbed the attention of online stock traders . Gradually it became one of the most traded websites. It was developed on the concept of social networking investment forum. It was founded by Assia brothers as a private limited company based on internet. It is related to the financial investment, online stock trading, and social investment industries. The proof of successful operations is the successful period of seven years. There are many incredible features which make it a popular platform for stock traders all along. The head quarter and research and development office of etoro is located at Tel Aviv and two other offices at London, UK. To operate in Europe, it has been authorized by CySec authority whereas it is embossed by Financial Conduct Authority in UK to run its operations. Now, etoro has been placed at a position of largest trading and investment platform in the world. The products and offerings are brought in front of public after making extensive industrial research to make good to the people. Such alternatives were never reported before which are offered by etoro.com. Following is a comprehensive list of top listed features of etoro.com:
1. Beginners’ Account
Instead of directly getting indulged in practical loss, this trading platform has a unique feature of virtual trading. You will be allocated some virtual points which will be used to invest. In this way, a beginner will not lose his money due to lack of knowledge and practice. After this simulated trading activity, an investor can understand the overall scenario and functions of the website. This will help the investors to stay safe of the losing money.
2. Etoro Open Book
Etoro open book is trading platform using social investing. It allows the users to share knowledge and expertise of one another and then make good returns. Hence it helps to generate a knowledge sharing culture in the air. Through the inherent features of etoro open book, you will be able to access the news feeds of the activity performed by the members you are following. You can compare the performance and profits patterns of your own profile as well of others.
3. Advance Trading
Beyond the simple trading, etoro allows you to reach the advanced features of trading online. In this regard, etoro helps you to find out how you can trade FOREX successfully, ways to switching from practice (beginners’) to real time investment account, indicators of dollar value increase and decrease, and what is the best investment opportunity in commodity trading at a specific time.
4. Copy Trading
To get trusted and lucrative trading results, one can copy the successful and profitable members on the etoro. Even you can copy many investors at once. This seems to be a very unique feature but it is a riskier one too. Finding a best and consistent investor is really big deal. But if you find one or two, you will be profitable.
5. Minimal Charges
The success of eToro is designated because of lesser margins from the stock traders. eToro takes very little margin from you upon a successful and lucrative trading activity.

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