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Top 5 amazing plugins to increase your blog subscribers

i_love_blogging1Number of subscribers is a benchmark to decide the success of your blog. The more the number of subscribers you have, the more flourishing your blog will be. And this success exclusively depends upon the quality of material you post recurrently while blogging. If you post sub-standard or inferior content then there are rather slim chances that someone will subscribe your blog through email. This means that high quality stuff stimulates the readers to subscribe to your feed and guarantees an increase in your email subscriptions. Hence, through these subscriptions blogging becomes more profitable for a blogger.

It is rather difficult for people to regularly visit your site in order to fetch valuable information there from. Hence, email subscription is an easier tool to get crucial information through emails and is helpful for both the blogger and the visitor. There are several wordpress plugins which help improve the number of your blog subscribers. They are free to use yet highly effectual means to augment the subscribers. Enlisted below are few of them:

  • SumoMe
  • MailMunch
  • Immediate List Building Pro Lite
  • FeedBurner Optin Form
  • RS FeedBurner


Double your email subscribers + double your sharing by SumoMe!

Blogging is mostly done for hit and run purpose. This means that people visit your blog, fetch required information and leave. In such a scenario it’s quite a pleasant idea to let people subscribe or share the quality content of your blog. SumoMe provides the tools which tremendously help in increasing the traffic and subscribers by appealing your readers. The ListBuilder tool of this plugin helps you make a lightbox popover to build up email subscriptions.

Using this plugin, people will now visit your website, read the preferred content, share that on social media and subscribe through e-mail to your newsletter and hence, blogging will get more advantageous for you.


Increase your e-mail subscribers by over 500%!!

It is a free of cost and the handiest plugin to increase your subscriptions by over 500%. It lets you design wonderful optin forms without botheration of writing even a single word of code. MailMunch offers the tools you necessitate while blogging, in order to augment your email subscribers and turn them into valuable customers and it also helps you grow your email newsletter list quickly.

Immediate List Building Pro Lite:


It’s freaking awesome! This plugin is designed to develop a top of the notch mailing list from your blog in a highly specialized manner. Also it gives you immense opt-in experience hence making blogging easier. It allows you to rapidly increase your opt-in rate and build your email subscribers’ list quicker than ever before.

Immediate List Building Pro comes with responsive opt-in forms as well, which means your page viewers can now subscribe to your newsletters using any device they want.

FeedBurner Optin Form:

This plugin inserts an email subscription form anywhere inside on your WordPress website for your FeedBurner RSS feed. You can add it at the bottom of posts in order to increase the number of your subscribers.

 RS FeedBurner:

This plugin identifies native wordpress feeds and forwards them to your FeedBurner feed in order for tracking the subscribers of your blog, boosting your page viewership as well as user engagement, hence improving your blogging experience. You can redirect your comments feed also, besides redirecting main WordPress feed, if you like.


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