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Top 5 alternatives of the Google adsense

GoogleAdsense122222Google AdSense was introduced in 2003 as an emerging Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising network and since then it has been the best and largest PPC ad network for website owners and bloggers. Google AdSense is no short of excellence then why would any blogger or website owner look for alternatives?

The reason is quite simple: AdSense is a bit selective when it comes to accepting new publishers and is also pretty much strict with its terms and conditions. Many a times, it rejects publishers or bans an existing AdSense account. It has also been reported that the world-famous ad network dropped many websites before even releasing them their first payment.

So, if you are the one who has gone through similar experience with AdSense, or you simply want to try a different advertising network to earn money directly by posting ads, then you can try any of the following ad networks which are reliable and competitive as well.

Listed below are the top 5 Google AdSense alternatives that you can use to monetize your blog or website and earn effectively:

  1. Revenue Hits

The number one Google AdSense alternative that we have on our list is Revenue Hits. It’s basically a performance based Ad Network by which publishers can generate greater revenue. In other words, Revenue Hits pays you for your results so if you give it a try then make sure to run your ads for at least 5-6 days to get the best results. With Revenue Hits, you can create interesting banner ads, buttons, sliders, pop-unders, and more. The minimum payment is $20 and you’ll get paid via PayPal, Payoneer, and wire transfers.

  1. Amazon Associates

The second Google AdSense alternative that we have on our list is Amazon Associates. This program allows you to find a relevant available product on Amazon and promote it on your website or blog. Amazon provides up to 10% commission to their Associates whenever people buy products through your blog or website. For example, if you have a blog about gadgets and accessories and put an ad about, let’s say, watches on Amazon, you’ll get paid a small amount whenever visitors purchase those watches from Amazon through your blog.

  1. Chitika

Chitika, which means ‘in a snap’, is a pretty useful Google AdSense alternative and it’s quite similar to AdSense too in a sense that it allows users to customize their ads and it serves contextual ads only. With Chitika, you can put search targeted ads, local ads and mobile ads on to your website or blog. The best thing about this service is you don’t have to get any approval for using its ads on your website; simply sign up, create your account and put ads on your site. Plus, you can use the service along with AdSense as well. The minimum payout via PayPal is $10 and $50 via check.

  1. Infolinks

Another amazing Google AdSense alternative is Infolinks which is actually a Pay-Per-Click (PPC) ad platform that enables you to earn money through your website or blog on the basis of particular keywords. Infolinks is somewhat different from other typical advertising networks, particularly because it shows ads in a different way; in the form of text or pop-ups that doesn’t require much of your blog’s space. It offers ad links in four different formats – InText, InTag, InFrame, and InFold. Infolinks indexes your web pages and automatically adds some hyperlinks in your text. The initial minimum payout is $50 and you can get paid via PayPal, Western Union, bank transfers, and Payoneer.

  1. PopAds

PopAds is basically a performance based advertising network that specializes in displaying high-quality ads which appear as pop-unders on your website. The best thing about it is that it offers good rates and has a daily payment schedule as long as you make $5 or more every day. The approval process is easy and it just takes a couple of minutes to place your ads. The minimum payout is $5 for PayPal and AlertPay and $500 for wire transfers.

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