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Top 5 Affliate marketing Networks


cj-logo-stackedWhen we talk about Online earning, first thing, that crosses our mind is affiliate marketing. To get into the depths of affiliate marketing it is important to understand its conceptual meaning and its working.

What is affiliate marketing and how does it work?

Affiliate marketing is a method of advertising one’s business with the help of other publishers and websites where the payment is mostly made on the basis of outcomes (sales).  In affiliate marketing, affiliate program is one clear define method through which all the transactions are made.   Affiliate program is a bridge of relation between merchant and the content publisher, made on the basis of legal term.  When sales occur through referred link of the publisher’s post, software in merchant’s programed website tracks it and transactions are made on the bases of it.
Once it’s understood completely, what is the meaning of affiliate marketing and its working, now it is the right time to dive into the depths of the knowledge, what are Top five networks to start your affiliate marketing career? According to the  Services Review 2014 of affiliate marketing top five networks are
1.      Commission Junction
2.      LinkShare
3.      One Network Direct (oND)
4.      ShareASale
5.      Plimus

1. Commission Junction: 

Through the research, I have found that Commission Junction is TopTenREVIEWS Gold Award winner. The service of Commission Junction is well appreciated for its easy and successful networking by advertisers and publishers. It has everything we are looking for in one convenient location.

2. LinkShare:  

If you are a LinkShare affiliate (publisher) you will have access to a broad assortment of advertisers that will help you earn commissions from your website traffic. In comparison to other affiliate marketing services, LinkShare offers comparable features and options. The website was user friendly and very organized with great customer service, making our experience as a publisher an enjoyable one which helped them earn theTopTenREVIEWS Silver Award.

3. One Network Direct (oND):

oneNetworkDirect offers a user-friendly website and account interface that makes it simple for anyone to earn commissions off from product promotions and sales which helped it earn our TopTenREVIEWS Bronze Award. oneNetworkDirect (oND) sets itself apart from other companies offering affiliate marketing services by providing three levels of affiliate programs depending on the money generated from commissions. oND offers all of the features and search options we felt businesses were looking for. Powered by “Direct Track,” the largest affiliate tracking platform, oND is able to provide their users with a host of options, as well as accurate reporting.

4. ShareASale:  

As one of the most popular affiliate marketing services online, ShareASale continues to add merchants and currently offers over 2,500 merchants for their affiliates to select from. With a large array of categories for affiliates to choose from and an easy-to-use site, ShareASale brings affiliate marketing to the masses. With reports and sales updated in real-time, users are able to watch their commissions steadily increase.

5. Plimus:  

Plimus is a company that got its start in e-commerce has created a new platform designed to drive new revenue through affiliate marketing services. The view of the company is that affiliate marketing provides a win-win situation for all parties involved. Plimus encourages their affiliates to harness their skills and build effective markets to make money on commissions.

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