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Top 4 websites for newbie gold investors

gold-trading-online1Low gold prices are exciting the traders, as it offers a  great opportunity for  them to earn some easy bucks from its price fluctuations. According to the experts it is gold investment is exciting but also very risky. So before jumping into the investment world, newbie and old investors need an expert advice. Following are the most useful websites for the newbie gold investors


Gold Eagle (www.gold-eagle.com)

Gold eagle is one of the oldest and most authentic data providers on technical analysis. It is extremely useful website for the newbie as well as experienced investors. Its interactive pricing charts are extremely beneficial for the investors. It has a team of more than 500 investment experts, who write regularly on commodity and equity related topics for the website.

Gold Eagle provides also advance gold price forecasts for the investors. According to the industry experts its gold forecast are accurate and help traders to get an idea about the future gold market. The technical and forecasting price analysis provided by the website is also useful for the financial analyst and researchers.

Bar Chart (www.barchart.com)

Bar chart is a very useful website for the people who want accurate information about present and future prices of the gold. It provides completes details about the prices in last few months. This website also contains interactive gold prices charts, which help the investors to analyze the price trends of last few months

Bar chart is a very beneficial website for the investors, who are interested in the technical analysis of the gold prices. It provides them complete information about weekly and daily price fluctuations. It also helps them in getting option and spread quotes. Bar chart also contains very informative articles written by experts in commodities and gold investment. They are very useful for the people who want an analytical input on this subject.

Kitco (www.kitco.com)

Kitco is a very popular and reliable website for the savvy gold investors. It offers very beneficial historical price analysis. This historical analysis helps the investors in conducting technical analysis about the market. Other than that it also has technical and fundamental analysis reports on gold and other precious commodities.

Kitco also provides a list of top 5 performing gold equities in the international market. It includes their pricing details and how they have performed in the market. These equities are listed on various gold indices around the world.




Gold Price (www.Goldprice.org)

GoldPrice.org is another very unique and informative website for the investors. It provides current and old gold price charts. It also provides articles on different types of investment strategies for gold investors. These articles are written by experienced investors and investment experts. These articles are mighty helpful for the people who are looking for some expert advice before creating their investment strategy.

Goldprice.org also has a glossary containing all the important terminologies related to the gold investment field. This glossary is a great blessing for the newbie investors, who want to have a basic knowledge before jumping into gold investment business.

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