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Top 4 most famous Forex traders in the world


FiverrMajority of the hullabaloo have been encountered littering the internet and social media today. Current stats assert that “you can make money in millions within a week” or somewhere near a million just having the required capability to be a Forex Trader.

Here is the list of the richest Forex traders from around the world so that you have perfect idea of these inspirational personalities. Just know each and everything about these individuals if you really want be a billionaire.

Below is the list of individuals who make millions or billions in a single day, but as per the updates the first millions or the first billion for these folks wasn’t easy for them to ear it literally took decades for these individuals to make their fortune and be in this list.

Please have a look…

George Soros

No one knew that an un-social infamous individual will become widespread Soros, who had purportedly gambled $10 billion on a single currency speculation in the early 90’s which initially came up through producing a staggering 1 billion dollars in a single day!!

This did let him achieve the instant notorious reputation as “The man who had all the required dollars to buy the bank of England”. This was actually encountered during the Black Wednesday crisis experienced in the UK. According to the latest statistics his net worth is more than $ 23 Billion.

Alexander Elder

Professionally a trader and Author by nature, Elder came into existence as blessing to his parents in the soviet union, grown up in Estonia, later shifted to New York. He is actually known as one of the richest traders in the world. Elder published a book “Three M’s Theory” (Mind, Method and Management) popularly known as bible of trading for the millennium, his next book “Come into my trading room” is a bestseller.

Stanley Druckenmiller

Duckenmiller was born into a middle class family in 1953 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and was known for making 3.5 billion dollar fortune without the need of the hereditary wealth. He is also been honored as former chairman and president of Duquesne Capital.According to the latest figures he has net worth of more than $4.5 billion.

Jack D. Schwager

Author of 10 books based up on commodities, Hedge funds and technical analysis, Mr. Schwager is currently the Co-portfolio manager for the ADM Investor services Diversified Strategies Fund. He is also known as like several individuals on this list, a Market Wizard and writer of the books in which he honored Larry Hite. Being both a good economist and a mathematician with decades of experience, Schwager is found sharing his experience in the trading industry in his long successful career.


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