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Top 3 tips to earn 200$ per month from www.etoro.com

etoro-logoIt is broadly known that etoro.com is a famous website which is practiced for online stock trading and investment. Through eToro, an investor can trade in various options or alternatives such as indices, stocks, foreign exchange, and commodities (such as gold bullion and silver bullion etc ). Etoro is famous for trusted returns without any problem, for instance, millions of investors have been making profitable and lucrative returns since 2007. The fee that is being charged on a successful trading transaction is quite minimal. You can copy the successful traders as well by opening an etoro open book account. The phenomenon of working with this website is very simple; just trade and earn. There are many investors who are lucratively and constantly making even thousands of US dollars per month. Here we are going to share some useful tips which may help you to take a start with earning $ 200 per month:
1. Determination of Involvement
You must determine the level of your involvement. In order to start real money trading, you must know that it needs a lot of time to keep an eye on the live rates and market spreads. If you will show a minimal level of involvement, you will not be able to have a good start. While a better and handsome start will need you to get fully indulge in the trading and learning the everyday new tips to break the records. High level of involvement and interest will make you able to become a top ranked investor in a very short course of time.
2. Stop Loss Limit
In case of copy trading, you can minimize your associated risk as well. This trading platform provides a function of stop loss limit. It works intelligently. For instance, if the trader whom you are copying is going in loss, you will bear only a portion on which you have set a limit. The limiting function is a heavenly tool for the newbie traders however there is no restriction of its usage, everyone can use it to get a value out of it. This tip is important to escape you from the higher potential losses in case of real money account.
3. Speed and Exit Strategy
In the beginning, you must not intend to be very quick in taking actions. The action you take should be rational. Sometimes, in case of speculation, you start gaining excessive returns but this situation is observed as a purely temporary situation. When the speculation resolves, the market suddenly gets down and the traders indulged in it are ultimately in loss.
The first tip in this regard in order to avoid such panic situation  is to manage your speed. For instance, if you are getting in profit on eToro, simply stay calm and watch out the market phenomenon. Do not become hurried in investing more money in the same section. If you will act on this, the probability of going in loss at eToro will rapidly increase.
The second tip is to exit the session when you achieve your target. For example, if you aspired to earn $ 200 from a particular session, simply exit when you achieve your goal.

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