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Top 3 most popular investment tools of Etrade

EtradeE Trade is one of the most popular online trading platforms in the world.The main reason for its popularity is its awesome and interactive investment tools,who make investing process very easy for the investors. Now it is very easy for the users of this website to diversify and manage their portfolios. They can easily create and manage their portfolios according to their financial needs and requirements.Following are the most valuable tools provided by E Trade.

E* Trade 360

It is one of  the most popular and interactive investing tool provided by the website.It helps the investor to access all details about his/her accounts,positions and charts on just one page.Its useful features like graphical view of the account,integrated trading menu,new alerts,free streaming data and watch list makes life very easy for the traders.He/she can also calculate total gain/loss on our investment portfolio by using this tool.

Retirement planner is an additional feature provided by this tool.It helps the retired people to manage their portfolio and its also guides them about different strategies who can help them earning extra income in last days of their life.

E* Trade Mobile

It is another very useful and important investing tool offered by the website.It makes investment process very easy for the traders of the website. By using this tool they can access their account details and positions while on the move.They can also get latest new about stock and Forex market.It has interactive features for all kinds of mobile device such as tablets and mobile phones.Bar codes scanning,account management features and mobile check deposit are the most innovative features offered by this tool.

E* Trade Pro

E* Trade Pro is a very compulsory tool for the advanced and active investors.According to the market experts,it is the most valuable tool provided by the website.Its innovative trading features help the traders to multiply their earning sin very quick time. Following are the most important features provided by this tool

  • Extended hour trading feature provides very important and vital market news to the users of          E Trade before opening of that market,which helps the trader to devise relevant investment strategies to take advantage of these news.
  • Technical screener and back testing feature helps the user to create real time investment strategy.It helps the traders by providing them with market outlook and streaming alerts in real time.
  • Powerful charting and technical studies is another very powerful feature provided by this tool.It helps the user to manage his/her portfolio in most efficient manner.
  • Sophisticated Option tools is another very innovative feature offered by this tool.Its professional grade tools and enhanced option analytics are very helpful for the active and professional traders.
  • Sector and industry tracker is another very useful feature of the tool.It allows the users to research about the top performing industries,sectors and companies of the market.It aids investors to create investment portfolio according to their budget and needs.
  • Other than above mentioned features it also provides additional features such as streaming news , watch lists and Live streaming of the CNBC channel.These additional features help users of E Trade to increase their trading capacity and skills.

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