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Top 2 interesting ways of learning Stock Trading

stock-tradingIt has been frequently observed that newbie stock traders directly invest in the stock exchange and placed at bear’s position because of lack of practical stock exchange world experience. The knowledge we gain through theories and books is not pertinent and enough to directly invest in the real time scenario. To gain in the real time milieu, it is important for stock traders to gain market savvy through simulations. Modish technology and contemporary trends offer a number of useful alternatives which could be adopted by the stock traders to learn several of the practical concepts. Here we go, the underlying article offers some of the alternatives to learn the market trends and portfolio designing techniques without even losing a penny.

Mobile Applications

It has been an emerging trend to play games on mobile connected to the real time stock exchanges. It is a very useful tool supported by the mobile phone technology. All you need to do is, having an android phone and installing the free or nominally paid gaming application. Several useful and working apps are freely available on Google play, which are connected to the Karachi Stock Exchange with real stock prices.

The games offer you a number of benefits including real stock price quotes, technical charts, analysis insights, portfolio designing tools and guide, and trading day summary in form of charts and graphs. The games also offer you to detect fundamental analytic tools for example they let you know about catching the market signals. Signaling effect is usually known as the companies’ indications of some thrilling event for example, joint venture that is good for the company’s financial health and ultimately will cause an increase in the share price. If you could be able to capture the pertinent signal and buy some shares, you will be a bull in upcoming days. The most important and most played android applications may include Warid Stock Exchange, vaulty stocks, stock watcher, stock quote, mini stocks, trade interceptor FOREX ,stocks and many others. Some of the applications are so broad that they provide global market coverage. You can be connected to many prominent stock exchanges and invest in simulation without losing your precious money.

Web Games

Along with an option of mobile applications, stock traders can also choose the alternative of web gaming. This trend is also getting popular in several aspects. Many websites have been designed which are connected to the real stock markets. Not only the stock traders are interested to play such games but the students and other involved people as well. The best web game that I would suggest you to play with KSE can be found on www.pakstockexchange.com. It is perhaps the best web tool for stock traders to learn portfolio designing and buying procedures. You can also interact with the people who are expert in the underlying field and get valuable insights from them. Active members are used to share useful tips on buying, selling and holding supported by the logical contractions and market signals.

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