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Technical Analysis

Technical analysis is one of the most  effective methods used to analyse the stock market.This method also helps investors in predicting the future stock prices by analyzing their historical market performance. The basic principles of this method are formulated after decades of careful study of study of stock price and volume movements.     Technical analysis uses different  types of price …

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Price Patterns-Technical Analysis

The matter of interest begins in the technical analysis with price patterns. It brings a lot of ease and technical readability of charts. Price patterns basically tell us about the upcoming shifts and the contemporary market trends all along. This category holds obliging predictive value which ultimately adds up in the chart reading and technical analysis. There are total six …

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Technical Analysis-What is Support level and Resistance level?

As we have learnt earlier in the stock market technical analysis, that every chart contains peaks and troughs. They either make an upward trend or a downward trend characterized by ascending or descending (respectively) peaks and troughs. There are two determinants present in chart analysis of these peaks and troughs. They basically make the market trading (indices points) levels. Further …

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Stock Market Technical Analysis-What is Importance of Trends?

Before formally plunging in the charting used in stock market technical analysis, we must know about some jargons which will frequently be used in learning about shapes and patterns of charts. Following is the list of some primarily basic concepts about charting given by John Murphy. Primary Areas of Charting: Charts in stock market technical analysis are a tool to …

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