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Overweight and Underweight

Overweight Overweight is the situation when an investment portfolio contains an excess amount of a stock as compared to other stocks in the investment portfolio.Mostly portfolio manager uses the overweight strategy to increase the collective gain of the investment portfolio.Portfolio manager also expects that excessively bought security will outperform other stocks in the portfolio. Underweight Overweight is the situation when …

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Dow Jones Industrial average Index

Dow Jones industrial average is a US stock index composed of 30 large US based public companies .It was started by the Dow Jones company founder and owner Charles Dow in 1896 .This stock exchange index depicts the trading performance of these 30 companies during a stock trading session.It is one of the most important American stock exchange indexes. Dow …

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Types of Stocks

    Stocks: Basically stocks are the type of securities which shows ownership or a right to claim in an organization or corporation’s earning. There are mainly two types of stocks Common Stocks Preferred Stocks   Common Stocks: Majority of the shares are issued by any organization are in the form of common stock. Usually the shareholders of common stocks …

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