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Golden Share

  A golden share is a special type of share,which gives the shareholder the right of veto power against any change in the company.The shareholder having this especial right can also stop any kind of company  takeover by another company.It also stops other shareholders to get more than ordinary shares rights.   Golden shares are mostly used in the companies based in United Kingdom.These …

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Buy and hold investment strategy

Buy and hold is one of the most popular  stock investment strategies.According to this theory financial market is profitable,only if we go for the long term investment in the stocks.This theory is mostly followed by the fundamental analysts and value investors.     Buy and hold strategy is best suited to the new and inexperienced investors,who don’t want to take more risks.This theory is …

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Fundamental Analysis

Fundamental analysis is a types of stock analysis which focuses on studying company fundamentals while investing in its stocks.This method is totally opposite to the technical analysis,which is focused on studying historical prices rather than company fundamentals.Fundamental analysts gives importance to the variables such as financial performance,market competition and the state of the overall economy etc.     Fundamental analysts  believes that …

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CandleStick Chart

The candlestick chart is one of the numerous investigation devices used frequently to measure values of stock in a given time frame. It is a very useful and important used in the technical analysis.A candlestick chart with the aid of a line-outline and a bar-graph helps explain different variables to predict profits of investing in a stock, each one bar …

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