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Quality Investing

Quality investing is a type of stock pricing strategy which bases is methodology on quality of the company.Quality investor believe that a company is a quality company,if it has strong balance sheet and has quality management staff.This investing concept was put forward by the investing guru Benjamin Graham in 1930’s. Quality investor selects a stock which is financially strong,has competitive advantage against …

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Growth Investing

Growth investing is one of the most  important stock picking strategy.It is a type of investing strategy that is totally opposite to the value investing strategy.Growth investors try to invest in the stocks,which have shown above average performance in the recent past.These types of investors don’t care about the price of these stocks,as they are ready to take risk even if …

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Top 5 stock trading mistakes committed by the beginners

  Looking for too much profit Mostly new investors don’t have basic understating about the stock market dynamics,so they always in search of too much profit in too less time.So mostly stock experts advice them to trade on daily basis.They should buy and sell stocks on daily basis.This strategy will earn them less profit but it will bring profit on consistent …

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