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Electronic trading is a very innovative and latest method of trading in different types of securities such as Stocks,bonds,derivatives etc.It is getting more and more popular with every passing day due to various reasons.Its low trading cost,.increase in transnational transparency and greater availability of the liquidity are the three most important reasons of its popularity all over the world.   …

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Total Shareholders return

Total shareholder’s return is a very important measure used by the investors to compare performance of the stocks of different companies over the years.It is calculated by the following simple formula Total shareholders return = Dividend received by shareholder of the stock+ Capital gain received by the shareholder of the stock   It is a very important measure ,as it …

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Certified Financial Analyst

Certified financial analyst (CFA) is the most well known and sought after investment degree all around the world. It is offered by CFA institute,which is based in America.It consists of three levels of examination.Its syllabus covers very important investment related topics such as stock analysis,bond investment and business analysis etc.     CFA is a must to do course for the people, …

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