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How oil prices affect the American stock market?

  Who Loses from Oil Prices Fluctuations? There are winners and losers in change in the price of oil. Oil prices are the building blocks of the global economy and is of overwhelming importance in the functioning of the globalized world. So, change in oil prices have a serious impact on the stock market of United States. Low prices of …

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What is the future of oil prices?

Oil tariffs vary proportionally to the fluctuations in the supply and demand. We have seen an acute price-drop in oil prices throughout the world from the past seven months. This consequently has led Energy trading countries a remarkable victim of notable decline in its income. Whereas consumers in many importing countries are likely to have to pay less to their …

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Falling oil prices and the world economy

In the last 8 months crude prices have fallen from $110/barrel to $60 /barrel. According to the latest reports they are at lowest point since the year 2009 .Some experts are even expecting that ,they can touch $20/barrel level  in the coming months.Declining crude price have left both negative and positive affects on the world economy.In the following paragraphs,we have discussed about the  …

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The Falling Oil Prices

Current Scenario Last three months have been very thrilling for the prices of Brent Crude Oil prices, as they have fallen to $64/barrel. According to the latest details, for the first time since July 2009, the Brent crude Oil prices have reached to $64/barrel. Situation is deteriorating day by day, as major OPEC countries have also failed to reach an …

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