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Weekly Review : Gold prices in Pakistan vs Gold prices in USA

Gold prices in USA showed a slide of  1.64 % during the last week .Gold prices in USA started the week at $ 1335/ounce and ended the week at $ 1313/ounce.The strong US dollar was the main reason for this sudden fall in the gold value.Gold prices in Pakistan started the week at 52500 $ and ended the week at $ 51800.Following are …

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Top countries influencing the Gold prices in USA

Gold is the most valuable safe haven asset in the world.It is mostly consumed in manufacturing ,jewelry ,medicine and electronics. China and India are the largest gold consuming countries in the world.China is the largest gold consumer followed by the India.They both account for 45 % worldwide gold demand .after the great recession 2008,countries started building their gold reserves. This practice …

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Why Brexit affected Gold Prices in Pakistan and Gold prices in USA

Hoarding Gold is a centuries old reaction at the time of crisis. This yellow metal soared its value at the critical times because traditionally it is considered as safe havens. The situation repeated when the brexit resulted in global markets crashing down with the Pound Sterling and Euro taking a hefty bump.Contrarily safe harbors like gold grooved on to nth …

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