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Top 5 traded currencies in the forex market

  US Dollar US Dollar is the top traded currency in the Forex market.According to the latest statistics,more than 85 % of the Forex trading is carried out in this currency.It is most favorite currency of the investors due its stable status in the international market. Even in the most horrifying recessionary days,it maintained its number 1 position. EURO EURO …

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Top 5 Global Currency Traders

Global Forex Market  consists of very sophisticated and complicated financial networks.These networks are mostly controlled by large commercial banks and securities dealers.Forex market grew at a very healthy rate of 14 % in the last year . According to the latest figures, daily forex transactions of more than $ 5.3 trillion are taking place in the market.  Following are the top 5 financial …

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Foreign exchange Market Intervention

Foreign exchange market intervention is done by the primary monetary authority of the country to stabilize the domestic market.It is done by buying or selling of the currency on the foreign exchange market. Sterilized and Non-Sterilized are the two main types of foreign exchange market intervention.   Sterilized Intervention Sterilized intervention is done in two different phases.In first phase central bank buys …

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Currency Carry trade

Currency Carry trade is a very unique type of Forex investment strategy.In this type of strategy investors burrow currencies with low interest rate and then buy currencies with high interest rates.Currency traders earn from the difference in the interest rates.Some market analysts also blame this type of investment strategy for worldwide currency appreciation and depreciation.   According to some analysts,this …

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US Dollar Index

US Dollar index is a very unique type of weighted index ,which calculates the value of greenback against other major currencies.It calculates the index by comparing dollar values with the values of other six strong world currencies like Euro, UK Pound,Japanese Yen,Swiss Franc,Swedish Krona and Canadian Dollar.     US Dollar index was started in the year 1973 as its base year and its base …

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