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Why dollar is rising ?

The dollar’s ascend is a straight outcome of America’s sturdy economy whereas other parts of the globe thrash about. Europe is enacting a latest incentive curriculum to revitalize its market, and Japan is also in incentive manner. Dollar has its impact on every single thing from gas prices to the earnings of America’s big businesses that trade stuff abroad. America’s …

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Fall of Ruble and Russian economy

Russian rubble has lost more than 69% value against dollar in last few months. Few months back in September 2014, it was trading at $0.026/dollar, but in less than 4 months its value fell to $0.018/dollar. Russian economists, consumers and politicians all are really worried about the state of the currency and also the economy, as all their expectations about the …

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Top 5 ways dollar influences the New York stock Exchange

The relation between dollar and New York Stock Exchange is ever-lasting and whether or not there is any real world connection between the two needs to be assessed. People can’t deny the fact that the impact of US economy is not present only in the different economies of world but also affects the trading as well. The two major factors …

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Top 5 benefits of investing in the dollar currency

In general we consider investment as a track to make additional money by using our present money. In the perspective of finance, investment results in generating more money in future. The common way of investment is to invest your asset in other currencies. So with the passage of time, the high rate of other currency will give benefit to the …

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American Dollar and International market

Sagging American dollar value in the international market is a favorable phenomenon for several economies and nations. At the same time it is about to put out the traders’ hopes in NYSE. Depreciating dollar is only favorable for the investors who are leaned to invest through dollar in international stock exchanges. The bubble was started generating in last week of …

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