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Top 5 SEO Plugins for the bloggers

In the present age, 50 million or more blogs and websites are making use of the WordPress and this has undeniably proved to be one of the unsurpassed blogging platform ever designed. It is not only used for professional blogging but also for e-commerce. Besides that many online journal and internet marketing organizations are making it usable so as to …

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Top 5 amazing things about blogging

This article will be dealing with the amazing or interesting facts about blogging. But before coming to the topic sentence we should have a look on what blog, blogger and blogging actually are? Actually Blogging is an exceptionally Creative thing to do. It’s completely diverse and great thing which brings about a noticeable improvement. Numerous individuals do it as a …

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Top 5 anti-spam plugins for blogger

  For the bloggers spamming is always a big trouble and headache. This is the fact that your blog will never be a successful effort unless there is not discussion or comments or the feedback which is left by the users on the published post. Fortunately there is a solution to this problem, there are various anti-spam plugins bloggers systems …

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