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Top 5 important tips to get long-term subscribers for your blog

It won’t be wrong to say that subscribers are the life-blood of a successful blog and every blog owner wishes to have more of them for a longer period of time. To have a successful and running blog, your subscribers should be valued more than the traffic or number of page views. The best indicator towards your blog’s earnings and …

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Top 5 simplest tips to create a successful long term blogging strategy

Blogging is one of the most profitable online businesses nowadays.A successful blog is nothing less than a goldmine, but bloggers must one thing in mind that blogging is not a bed of roses. Bloggers  have to work day and night to reap benefits of their blog. Bloggers must plan in advance about their future blogging strategy. So we are providing them six …

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Top 5 Word press Plugins to increase Page views and to make your blogging more profitable

WordPress plugins are the bits of software installed to expand the usability and functionality of your wordpress website.  Page views are the most significant parameter to identify the success while blogging. There are several ways to increase the page views. The traffic your blog carries is directly proportional to the underlying content and the wordpress plugins dutifully serve the purpose …

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Top 5 easiest tips to generate traffic from Twitter

These are the times of social media, with twitter and Facebook hovering over everything else. Twitter is the easiest and most effective way to promote your blog if you happen to be a blogger. If its ropes are pulled wisely, then it can attract people to your blog in no time. Although it is a very potent agent, yet you …

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Top 5 plugins to increase your blog’s Pageviews

Do you want visitors to visit your blog more often? Do you want them to spend more time in navigating and going through your blog,so that your online earnings improve? Do you wish to attract more advertising agencies to your blog, charge more from them and earn  lot of money through your blog? But it often happens that visitors are …

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